Refer-an-Author Program

Do you have a friend or colleague who has asked about your publishing experience with Infinity Publishing?

Our Refer-a-Friend program is our way of thanking our existing authors while providing a welcoming discount to our new authors.

If you are a new author, you will receive a $50 discount off your setup fee.

And if you are a referring author, our thanks to you will be a $25 credit towards your next book order, or $50 off the next book you publish with us (combine this with our standard $50 discount for our existing authors for a total of $100 off your setup).

New and referring authors may download the form by submitting an email address below. To take advantage of this offer, both authors should fill out the form to be sent back.

We would like to welcome all our new authors into our book publishing family, and say Thank You! to all of our existing authors who have made Infinity Publishing the Gold Standard of the publishing industry.

Download the Refer-an-Author Form!

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