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October Infinity Author Book Releases

Posted by Sara Matz on Nov 1, 2015 7:47:00 PM

We are proud to present a showcase of New Releases for October 2015. Our authors spend countless hours preparing their work, and here at Infinity we look forward to sharing our new titles with you. Please enjoy these new releases, and remember, the best books are worth sharing! 

The Americanism of John Ben Shepperd

By Dr. Robert Brescia

Beginning his professional career upon graduation from the University of Texas at Austin with a law degree in 1941, he served his country in World War II, returning home to begin his political career. John Ben was a firebrand of a public speaker and he knew how to excite people to action. Expertly organizing them into committees and groups, he orchestrated a great deal of swift progress for Texas during his 1953-57 tenure as Attorney General. Texas’ only public leadership institute was named after him and renders service to the youth of Texas today by teaching them leadership, ethics, and public service.

John Ben’s speeches are the stuff of legend – they can inspire people to action today as they did in the 1950s. John Ben’s values and principles are badly needed today. If you are a young leader improving your skills and action – this book is for you. If you are a seasoned leader in search of a refresher – this book is for you. If you are an elected or appointed official looking to provide the best possible service to your constituents – this book is for you.




A Boy, A Girl, and the LCI 75

By Gregory Bierck

It’s Thanksgiving, 1941, and boy meets girl on a blind date. In just days, America is involved in World War II. The boy joins the US Navy, where he trains to be a signalman on a new type of ship for a new type of war. He is eventually based in the Mediterranean Theater. Deep feelings for the girl develop through letters sent and received. While there is mostly boredom and loneness, there are also moments of sheer terror from the enemy, weather, and “SNAFUS” as presented through the boy’s narrative and letters home. This is their true love story.




Whatever * It * Takes

By Joyce M. Wilson

This is the story of a Mother’s love. Haddie is a widow with a young son. She works hard to make it possible for Tori to have a good life but her decisions, seemingly good at first, end up being perilous. When her safety is jeopardized she becomes involved in an escape plan to save both of them but fate takes over and Tori, disappears. Heartbroken, she keeps her hopes alive and waits for Tori to come home to her.




The B.A.C.K. Pack with Flaps the Goose: The B.A.C.K. Pack Saves Max

By Jeffrey C. Thelen

Watch the B.A.C.K. Pack as they ride their magical flying bike, use their special wristbands to make their backpacks spring into action and attempt to save the day as Katie’s dog Max is in trouble. “Uh oh, this is not going to be good!” as Flaps always says. Will Flaps help or ruin Max’s rescue? Will the B.A.C.K. Pack be heroes? Will Flaps be a hero? Will the B.A.C.K. Pack have all the necessary items in their backpacks to save Max?

So sit back, turn the pages of the B.A.C.K. Pack with Flaps the Goose
and these questions will soon be answered in...The B.A.C.K. Pack Saves Max




The Art of Self Confidence: 7 Strategies for a Holistic Transformation

By Jane Knight

To discover that confidence is a process that takes work, time, persistence, and both positive/negative experiences to reach your goal.




The Littlest Fairy Goes to Town

By Martha Santos

“Grandma, tell us another fairy story.” The children gathered around her. Their faces shown with eagerness. “Okay, but remember, fairies are only make believe. They are made up to prove a point.” Grandma leaned forward in her soft, cozy chair





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