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November Infinity Author Book Releases

Posted by Sara Matz on Dec 3, 2015 10:07:11 AM

We are proud to present a showcase of New Releases for November 2015. Our authors spend countless hours preparing their work, and here at Infinity we look forward to sharing our new titles with you. Please enjoy these new releases, and remember, the best books are worth sharing! 

Differential Equations and Polynomials

By Dr. Mehan Basti

This is part of Dr. Basti’s decades of research on Riccati and Polynomial equations.

Mathematicians and scientists will see that new ways of solving the classical equations of science and engineering will provide better results to their own problems as associated with these equations.

New sets of solutions of Bessel differential equations (in trigonometric terms) are presented as well as solving integrations are viewed within the Polynomial-Riccati DNA structures.

Also the quintic equation is addressed in conjunction with Riccati equations.




Sheetrock on the Road

By Michael Sharp

As we deviate from my usual ramblings in the dusty worlds of the past and the wanderings of angels and fallen men, I ask you to join me on a possible journey through the life of no author in particular. Remember, as you root through the verbal attic of my mind, I am a writer of fiction. Any resemblance to persons, living, dead, or currently haunting me is purely coincidental. These stories are intended to entertain and solicit some of your own memories. We all have tales to tell. Please enjoy some of my briefer ones because things happen sometimes.




World's Most Powerful Business Venture: "The Wheeler", "The Dealer"; How To Become The Ultimate Entrepreneur Broker

By E King

“How to Become the Ultimate Entrepreneur Broker” Ernest believes in this economy it is imperative to understand the ever changing corporate demands. Individuals must keep their self-image polished and have the tools to seize new opportunities, which preparedness brings success. He’s providing a vehicle to individuals of all walks of life to have a successfully prepared plan by following these teachings and guided principles. His current client appreciates his insight into their business needs and clear communications.




Annabelle's Baby

By Ann Capozzoli

Seventeen-year-old Annabelle is going to have a baby by a boy who wants no part of it, or her. Unwed and pregnant – the worst catastrophe to befall a middle class, Catholic girl in the 1960’s. Desperate to hide their daughter’s condition from friends and neighbors, her parents send her to live with strangers. When Annabelle gives birth to a boy, her father, a man who has sired three girls but yearns for a son, decides that he and his wife will raise the child as their own. He forces Annabelle to pretend to be the baby’s sister.




Persona Non Grata

By Rochelle Kaplan

Vowing to avenge years of sexual abuse from her brother, Lisa Benton has not only survived, but has become an expert markswoman, recognizing that firearms are the great equalizer for women. Shunned by her family, she chooses her own, lonely journey in life, tirelessly building her self-confidence at the shooting range, while planning retribution. Attaining a career in law enforcement, afforded the right to carry a firearm at all times, she eventually seeks her own form of dark justice, stealthily dropping off the radar, embarking on an alternate route of reprisal, becoming a persona non grata.




What Every Coach Should Know

By Dee Hawkes

This book provides an opportunity to self-examine the behaviors a coach brings to coaching. It includes a list of DO’s and DON’Ts of suggestions, observations, and reminders for coaches to read, remember, and share with other coaches. The signal light provides a guide for how coaches should coach. RED coaching means to stop whatever you are doing, and, unless corrected, to stop coaching. YELLOW coaching means to use extreme caution. GREEN coaching has value because of its strong positive approach. Coaches need to be aware of where they range on the traffic signal.





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