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June Infinity Author Book Releases

Posted by Sara Matz on Jul 5, 2016 11:31:56 AM

We are proud to present a showcase of New Releases for june 2016. Our authors spend countless hours preparing their work, and here at Infinity we look forward to sharing our new titles with you. Please enjoy these new releases, and remember, the best books are worth sharing! 

Annihilated in the Allegenies

By William P.Robertson

After their family is annihilated by the worst sort of treachery, Lightnin’ Jack Hawkins and his brother, Red Hawk, find themselves in a grim situation. They return to civilization only to fight in Major James Grant’s disastrous attack on Fort Duquesne. Retreating to Fort Ligonier, they later withstand two French assaults. In the second, Red Hawk is murdered by the rogue Indian princess, Dark Star. Full of hatred and psychotic rage, she is a villain not soon to be forgotten. Nor is this bloody chapter of the French and Indian War set in the Pennsylvania Wilderness in 1758.




Don't Give Up!

By Marlena Lewis

The basis of my story is to tell someone that is facing some of the same circumstances that I am going through is that they are not alone. We all have struggles in our lives that seem like we can never get past them, but if we can learn to trust in the Lord, he will help us. I tell my story of feeling helpless at times and not knowing where to turn. When I looked back over my life I began to think about my spiritual family life. My parents never gave up on thirteen kids. I have hope and confidence now that I can do the same for my life.




Lemonade and Piglet in the Secret of Seamus

By Marie Adame

Lemonade and Piglet in The Secret of Seamus is the story of two young girls that live in Somerton, a small town in Arizona. Lemonade’s life changes even more when she embarks on a trip to Mexico to visit her grandparent’s. With Piglet coming along for the trip both girls meet a cat named Seamus who takes them into his world. Seamus world needs help, and its up to Lemonade and Piglet to help. Lemonade learns the meaning of the beautiful pink rock that hit her in the summer and is given a gift to use wisely.




The Super Cool Kids Story Collection

By Marilyn June Janson, M.S., ED.

When Cindy Matthews goes away to overnight summer camp, she finds the courage to be herself. Tommy Jenkins is going to visit his grandparents in Florida. Instead of flying, his best friend Marissa Walsh finds a cool way to get him there. Carla Camel Cane is bringing a present to her grandmother. When her best friend Clyde Camel Clark wants the present for himself, Carla risks losing a BFF.




Know Your Light

By Betty Friend

Who you really are is so awesome and so uncontained. It does not fit into the shrink wrap of the human body. In a moment you have decided to try the littleness but you are not that idea. Invite dissolution of encapsulation. Who is looking out of everyone's eyes? There is a Oneness that will so touch your heart at depth that you will never be the same as you invite and allow. So, who is looking out of your eyes? Who?




From the Inside Out

By susan Gulmi

These personal essays were written over a period of years when the author in her fifties, was waking up way too early to do anything else, but write. This collection reflects moments in her life that for whatever reason found their place on the computer screen. Memories of a young girl riding her bike with the sole purpose of hoping to find herself lost, to the mother in line at the market, pondering what the word ‘patriotism’ really means - this book is the result of years spent observing and wondering.





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