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Posted by Sara Matz on Jun 8, 2016 12:35:16 PM

We are proud to present a showcase of New Releases for May 2016. Our authors spend countless hours preparing their work, and here at Infinity we look forward to sharing our new titles with you. Please enjoy these new releases, and remember, the best books are worth sharing! 

The Wise Papa Fox

By Ligia Cuadra

This story conveys a similar experience that uses to happen to some Latino families who decided to come and live in the United States as they want they children get better education better and opportunities to survive. The main characters of this folktale are animals, however, they represent human situations often happened to some immigrant families while planning to take the journey to the United States. By reading this story, children will implicitly discover the pleasure and wisdom that reading can generate to them. With the participation of the main character, children would be more likely to perceive several learned lesson, among others, that reading is important regardless of their age, culture, language, and the ethnicity they belong to.




Ancient City Musings

By Hunter Camp

In these previously published columns from the St. Augustine Record and the online magazine, Totally St. Augustine, Hunter Camp tackles issues that matter, asking questions about life, death, and litterbugs.




Murphy Farm

By Bob O'Connor

“The Murphy Farm, A Refuge from Racism” covers the history of one of the most significant pieces of real estate in Civil Rights history. The magnetic charm of the property comes from the relocation of the John Brown fort on the property for 15 years. This led to pilgrimages from blacks from all over the country to a place once called “an island of racial tranquility in a sea of violence and animosity”. To the black population, this place was “hallowed ground”. It still is even today.




Lost jade of the Maya

By Marjorie Bicknell Johnson 

Chanla Pesh, descendent of a king, searches for the lost Mayan jade with her shaman’s talisman. Gods of the underworld Xibalba torment her, and murderous Guatemalan crime lords stalk her.




History of the Louisiana Peach Festival and Pageant

By Linda E. Sivils Ph. D

This manuscript is the result of approximately eleven years of research in and around the state of Louisiana and is comprised of survey results, archive research, correspondence and interviews. It is written chronologically reporting factual and pictorial information regarding the festival events and the beauty pageants associated with the festival since the beginning in 1951. Additionally included is information on the peach industry in north Louisiana, promotion of the festival, festival logos, posters and pageant winners. Memories of queens and various individuals are reported in a "Lagniappe" section.




Baseball's Fallen Angel

By Douglas Williams

A beautiful home and family, and a promising career in baseball were all his for the taking until the demons of alcohol addiction took them all from him.
In his autobiography, Baseball's Fallen Angel, Eli candidly recalls his lonely childhood in South Chicago, his successes as a scholastic athlete and his bizarre stint in the U.S. Army. He also delivers a personal, season-by-season account of his life in professional baseball, recounting his triumphs as well as his disappointments.
Baseball's Fallen Angel is the true story of a major league pitcher who fought his way back from the depths of addiction to ultimately score the most thrilling victory of them all, a come-from-behind win in the game of life.





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