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Tips For Introverted Self Published Authors To Make How-To Books Shine

Posted by Arthur Gutch on Tue, Nov 11, 2014 @ 10:05 AM

For those who derive their living and/or passion from writing it is nothing new to have discovered that you or others are simply shy. Fortunately for the introverted and self published author, the same global internet that serves as a portal for commerce and information is also an amazing machine you can control without leaving the comfort and safety of your favorite chair. Below a few simple ideas that can be applied by anyone looking to remain remote and in control!


One of the best ways to market your "how-to" book is getting out in the community to host events, do book signings and collaborate with the people who helped make your work come to life. But, if you're perhaps a little introverted, this may be a big challenge!  Our tips can help you fake it til you make it and maybe even enjoy being in the public eye to help get your book noticed.   

1. Most how-to books feature resource guides to help readers make tangible sense of the material. Host a collaborative event with some of the companies who are part of your resource guide. 

  • Use products to sell. Host a book signing at the cookery store or supplier you featured. Ask employees to demo recipes or what tools are best to create your how-to. It will be your job to stage the event so that your book doesn't become out-shined by the products being featured. 

    • set up stations throughout the store with your book opened to specific pages highlighting helpful products and post a colorful notecard with tips. Remember, the goal is "motivate to buy" to offer a teaser that makes them grab the book. 

  • Scavenger hunt to feature adventure books. Many adventure seekers are still introverts. They go after the adrenaline rush, but alone. Sound like you? If your book covers the A-Zs on how-to tackle big adventures ("how-to climb the best 5 American peaks", or "how-to safely camp in the wilderness with your family") host a scavenger hunt at the big brand adventure store you featured (think REI locations with climbing walls). 

    • Print a series of cards with your face, your book cover and a clue or tip of where to find your book. Once they find the book, sure they'll have to purchase it before taking it home, but it will be one of few pre-signed copies. Once purchased put yourself out there by offering to pen personal messages like "cheers to your climb up Mt. Washington."

  • Interactive demo. In the same or similar setting, recruit an employee to feature your five favorite wilderness supplies in a demo. Chime in to offer a tip from the book by noting, "when you read on, you'll see how you can personally configure these tools..." 

2. Host a community event... online. 

  • Research groups that would mutually benefit from your information. Consider an organization like the IACP (International Association of Culinary Professionals) or Blog Talk Radio to host you. You'll have a chance to be interviewed or teach a class over the internet, but listeners only hear your voice and you don't have to worry about being on camera.

  • Google hangouts. Maybe small crowds are ok for you. Advertise a how-to demo via social media that you'll feature at a Google Hangout. This is a great way to recruit others to get talking about your book and build a library of videos you can feature on your blog or in other interviews. 

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