Infinity Publishing's Lucky 13 Social Media Challenge

Let’s get real about social media.  It’s like exercise, right?  We’ll be the first to admit that we have not been as focused on our own social media footprint as we would like.  There, we said it.  It’s a new year and we are ready to make some viral waves in the world of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and whatever other medium that makes sense for us to better build our brand, to support our authors.

So we’ve decided to challenge the entire Infinity Publishing team and all of our authors to join us for a Lucky 13 Social Media Challenge.  13 days of social media fun.  

Are you ready to maPhoto courtesty of Alex Hindske your mark?   

Here is the challenge, to increase your social media footprint and build your online platform via a variety of social media and online resources.  Each day for 13 days we’ll post the “challenge” of the day on our blog and you can work along with us.  If you don’t know how to use Twitter, Facebook, etc. we’ll walk you through the process.   

Say, “YES!” to the Infinity Publishing Lucky 13 Day Social Media Challenge!  We’ll work together to support each other in this simple and fun marketing experience.  Great way to market your book and all you need is less than 15 minutes a day to make it happen.     

Here is how the Infinity Publishing Lucky 13 Social Media Challenge works:

  1. Register for the Infinity Publishing Lucky 13 Social Media Challenge by filling out the form to the right. Let this be your New Year’s gift to yourself!  A great way to kick off book sales AND you’ll be positioning yourself for long-term online exposure.

  2. Follow our blog each day, starting tomorrow, Friday, January 13, 2012 and stick with us for 13 days.  We'll give you simple instructions on what your social media task is for that day.  It’s going to be super easy and if you’re not social media savvy, don't worry.  We’ll give you step by step instructions.  Everything you need to bring in the New Year with a viral marketing edge and be better prepared to market your book.  So what kinds of things will be doing? We may ask you to simply send out a Tweet on Twitter to promote your book, or post a message to Facebook to promote your book

  3. Enjoy your new found social media skills, exposure AND the cross-promotion that Infinity Publishing will be giving back to you!

Infinity Publishing’s gift to you for participating in the Lucky 13 Social Media Challenge…we will give you the same amount of exposure that you give out.  If you follow-us on Twitter, we’ll follow you back.  For every Tweet you send out, we’ll send out one to promote your book.  For every post you put on Facebook, we’ll give you one post back.  It’s all about exposure.

It's much more fun if we work together. Join us here on the Infinity Publishing Blog, tomorrow, Friday, January 13, 2012.  Are you up for the challenge?

Day 1:  Follow @infinitypublishing on Twitter (Gift to you – Infinity will follow you!)!/InfinityBooks

Day 2:  Send out a Tweet on Twitter.  You can either send out:  Tweet Promote your book on Infinity like this:  Book Title makes a great #holidaygift buy at #InfinityPublishing include the link to your Infinity storefront! (Gift to you – Infinity will re-tweet your message)

Day 3:  Facebook.  Like (Gift to you – Infinity will like your book fan page)

Day 4:  Post your comments on the Infinity Publishing fan page  and list your favorite book and why it makes a great gift, or post something about an upcoming book signing or event.  (it’s OK to self-promote, that is the point of today’s challenge!)  (Gift to you – Infinity will like your book fan page and we’ll post on your wall.)

Day 5:  Blog post.  Write a blog post and include the words Infinity Publishing and include a link back to our main site and our online bookstore.  Don’t forget to register for our blog RSS feed or register via email, if you’re not already subscribed.  (Gift to you – Infinity will mention your book and link back to your website in a blog post.) 

Day 6:  GoodReads.  Set-up your GoodReads author account and connect with Infinity Publishing.  (Gift to you – Infinity will become your friend on GoodReads.)

Day 7:  LibraryThing.  Set-up your LibraryThing author account and connect with Infinity Publishing. (Gift to you – Infinity will become your friend on LibraryThing.)

Day 8:  List the top five reasons to read your book.  (Gift to you – Infinity will give your list a “high five”)

Day 9:  Set-up your Shelfari author account.  (Gift to you – Infinity will become your friend on Shelfari.)

Day 10:  LinkedIn. Connect with us on LinkedIn (Gift to you – Infinity will connect with you on LinkedIn.)

Day 11:  Squidoo.  Create your own Squidoo book page and post it your fan page AND the Infinity fan page.  Check out the Infinity Publishing Squidoo lens and like it.  (Gift to you – Infinity will like your Squidoo page and you’re getting exposure on our FanPage too.)

Day 12:  YouTube.  Send out a Tweet with your book trailer video OR create your own :30 testimonial about publishing with Infinity.  Don’t forget to give your book and website a plug!  (Gift to you – Infinity will Tweet your video and we’ll put it up on our YouTube channel.)

DAY 13:  Lucky 13.  Pubmatch.  The publishing world is getting smaller each and every day.  Why not market your book to the world!  Infinity Publishing promotes all titles, world-wide via Pubmatch.  Get 30 days of FREE international exposure and register for your free Author account.  (Gift to you – Infinity Publishing will give you a guest blog appearance on our site.  Retail value…priceless.)

Congratulations!  You’ve completed the challenge. You’ve done an amazing job of getting in the habit of being active online and promoting your title. Keep it up and will pay off all year long.  Thanks for joining us.  We hope you’ll continue to follow our blog.  We’ll have more marketing challenges ahead.

Note:  Infinity Publishing reserves the right to not re-tweet, post, follow, friend, like, etc. on obscene or questionable content, follow, friend, like or post to any site or user site.


Photo courtesy of Alex Hinds.