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Words on the Road: 5 Tools for Writing Without a Laptop

Posted by Arthur Gutch on Wed, Jun 06, 2018 @ 10:43 AM

Being a freelance author gives you freedom to work wherever you are. Why limit yourself to spots that can support your laptop? Sometimes it's nice to just hit the road and work wherever you land, without carrying a lot of gear. Here are five different tools that allow you to write your books away from home without needing to carry a messenger bag full of equipment. write_anywhere_self_publishing

Dragon Anywhere

Dragon Naturally Speaking is the gold standard for dictation technology, and Dragon Anywhere is its portable cousin. Download this app onto your smart phone or tablet and you can dictate into the cloud just like you're dictating into your home computer. Dragon Anywhere costs $15 a month, or $150 a year, and they offer the first week free to try.

Speech to Text on Google Docs

Pull up Google Docs on your tablet or smart phone and you can dictate right into the program. While most authors find this slightly less accurate than Dragon Naturally Speaking, it's free for anyone to use. For those authors looking for a simple way to dictate the occasional chapter, this could be the ideal solution.

Tablet/Bluetooth Keyboard Combination

Virtually every tablet manufacturer offers cases with built-in keyboards that turn tablets into small word-processing machines. For an even less expensive option, check discount sites online. You can find a keyboard case with a plug-in connector for less than $10, turning your tablet into a very portable small computer.

Alphasmarts and Analogs

Once the province of elementary schools, the Alphasmart line of word processors are the ultimate in portable writer anti-style chic. These machines have battery lives that run for months, will record tens of thousands of words before needing uploading, weigh just a couple of pounds and aren't much larger than your average textbook. While no longer being manufactured, both the Alphasmart Neo and the Alphasmart 3000 are readily available on Amazon, eBay and other reseller markets. 

Following along with this trend, the popular new Freewrite offers retro chic design along with modern technology. This version of the geek chic processor will upload your words wirelessly to DropBox, Google Docs, and other cloud sites.

Journals and Pens

The ultimate in portable writing technology, pens and journals are the perfect combination for jotting down notes or working out your latest chapter. Indulge yourself in an elegant leather-bound journal and a weighty pen to make writing by hand a rare pleasure.

Keep the Faith and May the Force be with You!


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