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Juggling Act: 5 Tips to Balance Writing and Family Time During the Holidays

Posted by Arthur Gutch on Thu, Nov 07, 2019 @ 02:00 PM

Shutting your "work brain" off as an independent author is difficult. You don't have the luxury of leaving work at the office and if you're not working, you're not earning money. Relaxing becomes even more challenging over the holidays, when there is pressure to attend family events and the added expenses of gift shopping. 

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Binge Writing: The Good and the Bad

Posted by Arthur Gutch on Tue, Feb 19, 2019 @ 03:53 PM

 There are two types of authors: those who schedule their writing on a regular basis and those who binge write, putting thousands of words down at a time in a frenzy, with long breaks in between. Stephen King is a famous schedule writer, putting down a solid 2,000 words every single day of the year. On the other hand, Arthur Conan Doyle wrote the first Sherlock Holmes book in a period of three weeks. Both sides have pros and cons, but most experts tout scheduled writing as the ideal. Are there benefits to being a binge writer, instead? 

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Looking for Scares: How to Craft a Truly Frightening Horror Novel

Posted by Arthur Gutch on Tue, Oct 30, 2018 @ 11:14 AM

In the very bestselling horror novels, authors take care to ensure that all the supernatural events in the story have some type of plausible explanation. You may have to stretch your notion of disbelief a bit, but everything makes sense in that one thing leads to another. Deep down, these books read like a true account of what happened to someone else, with just a little sideways twist added in for fright. In many cases, this is because the authors began their books with a kernel of an idea that came from the truth. The inner pages of newspapers are filled with strange little filler stories; one could be the germ of an idea that might grow into your next great horror novel. 

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How to Write More in Less Time : And Keep the Quality

Posted by Arthur Gutch on Tue, Mar 18, 2014 @ 09:18 AM

For some writers that golden number is 1,000. They're happy if they reach 1,000 words a day. Many full time writers boast about a consistent 2,000 words a day. While this is a respectable number, if you're in this group of writers you could be doing much more with your time. We're all busy, and most writers only have a certain number of hours in the day in which they can write. Why not make the most of what time you have? Using these techniques, you can double your word count per hour, or more, without losing any quality in your writing. The secret is to set yourself up for optimum writing power each time you sit down at the computer, increasing your productivity on a regular basis. Call it behavior modification or a self published author under self hypnosis, it can be done!

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