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5 Tips to Create a Book Signing: Plus How to Achieve Awesome!

Posted by Arthur Gutch on Fri, Mar 07, 2014 @ 12:43 PM

A Perfectly Acceptable Book Signing

Your first book signing is an exciting time to connect with your audience authenticity while author marketing. While the majority of book sales today take place online, book signings have an important place in your book marketing campaign and tour. When people hear you speak and enjoy the opportunity to ask you questions, they will be tempted to purchase your book for friends and family- the "motivate to purchase" implications can be very positive following a book signing! If it's your first time, don't worry, we've got tips to help you present as if you've been doing it for years. 

1. Spread the word. Self publishing is all about being your own advocate. Several months before, post relevant links to social media channels. If Facebook is your main method of connecting to your audience, be sure to include the location, date and time. Follow up with Pinterest, Twitter and Google + using hashtags that relate to your event such as the name of the bookstore or city. Many bookstores post in the local newspaper, but you can pin to local community calendars online as well. Contact your chamber of commerce and ask them to list it on the community calendar. 

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Topics: Book Signing, book marketing, book promotion, self publishing, author marketing

How to Use Rafflecopter to Increase Book Sales: A Novel Idea...

Posted by Arthur Gutch on Wed, Mar 05, 2014 @ 10:53 AM

How do you get more eyes on your books, increase your mailing list, and cause your readers to talk about you? One of the best ways to do it is to run a raffle or giveaway, and Rafflecopter makes this a very simple process. You won't have to worry about all the bookkeeping details; just set the rules and decide the prizes, and your fans will take care of spreading the word.

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Topics: rafflecopter, book marketing, book promotion, self publishing, author marketing

Energize a Tribe of Readers on Pinterest: A Core Author Strategy

Posted by Arthur Gutch on Tue, Mar 04, 2014 @ 10:33 AM

As a writer, your tribe is your core group of fans that buy every book you publish, spreading the word to friends and family and growing your reader base without you having to lift a finger. It's been said that if a writer has a tribe of 1,000 fans, he is set for life. Those thousand people will cause a ripple effect large enough to turn any book into a best seller.

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Topics: pinterest, book marketing, book promotion, self publishing, author marketing

Author Tweeting: Top Tips to Tweet Your Way to Better Book Sales

Posted by Arthur Gutch on Mon, Mar 03, 2014 @ 09:06 AM

While Twitter can be looked down upon by some writers as shameless self-promotion, a rising tide of self publishing authors are turning to the tweet to market their books, engage with readers, and put a human face on the scribe behind the book.

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Topics: twitter for authors, book marketing, book promotion, self publishing, author marketing

5 Places to Grow Your Author Clips: The Meat and Potatoes

Posted by Arthur Gutch on Fri, Feb 28, 2014 @ 10:34 AM

Writing and self publishing a book is a huge deal, but don't stop there! Boost your cred with shorter clips to generate interest for your work, establish an online presence for your readers, and connect with powerful opportunities. These are some of the more popular dishes!

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Topics: book marketing, book promotion, self publishing, author marketing, author clips

How to Create Your Own Blog Tour: A "Core" Self Publishing Event

Posted by Arthur Gutch on Sat, Feb 22, 2014 @ 11:34 AM

In today’s virtual world, self published authors can take their promotion on the road without ever leaving home. Book tours are a keystone of a book marketing strategy. Going from city to city, authors shake hands and sign copies of their latest masterpiece to create a buzz. It is a process that takes months of planning, not to mention the travel time.

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Topics: blog tour, book marketing, book promotion, self publishing, author marketing

4 Reasons to Stop Submitting and Start Self-Publishing: Believe!

Posted by Arthur Gutch on Fri, Feb 21, 2014 @ 10:02 AM

Enduring rejection after rejection from agents and editors after you've worked so hard to polish and perfect your book can be demoralizing. Self-publishing stops the negative cycle and get you back on track to do more of what you value most: writing!

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Topics: idependent publishing, book marketing, book promotion, self publishing, author marketing

Publish for your Reading Audience: Find the Fish and Feed Them!

Posted by Arthur Gutch on Sat, Feb 15, 2014 @ 10:57 AM

It's not enough to be a good storyteller and an excellent writer in today's world. Now, more than ever you need to hit a specific demographic to generate large sales. Traditional publishing houses have relatively strict definitions about the definitions of specific genres and the genres they will accept. Often, they expect an author to come to them with a ready-made definition of the ideal reader.

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Topics: book marketing, book promotion, self publishing, writing tips, author marketing

4 Ways to Brave the Goodreads Jungle: Make it Your Marketing Ally

Posted by Arthur Gutch on Thu, Feb 13, 2014 @ 12:34 PM

Goodreads has gotten a reputation for being tough on writers who want to share their work there. The Goodreads culture doesn't accept outright spamming or hack work, but writers who make an honest effort often find it to be the best word-of-mouth site online. Authors who are successful on Goodreads go in with a plan, and spend the time to use the site effectively for great marketing results.

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Topics: goodreads, book marketing, book promotion, self publishing, author marketing

4 Techniques to Grow Your Tribe When You Write Non-Fiction

Posted by Arthur Gutch on Wed, Feb 12, 2014 @ 09:09 AM

When it comes to making multiple sales, it seems like fiction writers have all the luck. They can write a series of books, creating a fan base that buys each volume as soon as it comes out. Non-fiction, on the other hand, often doesn't lend itself to a long series of volumes. Non-fiction buyers are looking to solve a problem in their lives and, with luck, you'll offer that solution in your book. They want to know about gardening in Florida, or using a slow cooker, or house training a dog. Once they've learned it, they don't have that need to go over the subject again and again.

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Topics: non-fiction, audience development, book marketing, book promotion, self publishing, author marketing

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