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How to Use the Four Rooms Approach to Story Telling and Book Marketing

Posted by Arthur Gutch on Tue, Nov 10, 2015 @ 01:00 PM

Telling a story in chronological order can easily dull your reader's interest resulting in them not making it past the 3rd chapter. You can keep it fun for readers with the "Four rooms" approach by dividing stories into four parts, then every few chapters, bringing them together to take the story out with a bang. Readers will always be reading "just one more chapter" before being able to put the book down. 4_rooms_marketing_story

How to use the "Four Rooms" approach to organizing your next audio book or ebook

If you've ever seen the cult classic, Quentin Tarantino's movie, Four Rooms you know your eyes were glued to the screen in anticipation the entire time. Look away and you missed crucial details that held the four different sections of the story together. Four Rooms takes place in four different hotel rooms over the course of one evening. The movie continually rotates scene by scene through the four rooms as experienced through the bellhops eye's. In the end the stories become interwoven resulting in big climactic energy. 

Think about how you can structure your story into four sections or four stories that all will eventually or somehow relate to one another. Your narrator can be akin to the bellhop filling in extraneous details bridging the four separate storylines together. 

Take the "Four Rooms" approach into your author marketing and book marketing plan

When promoting your book, you need to keep the content fresh and exciting for your audience- interactive experiences always win over fans. 

1. Host ongoing Google Hangouts or podcasts breaking down each of your sections by fielding questions from readers and answering through the narrator's point of view. Reveal something about your narrator's character development through these discussions. 

2. In your book signings discuss how the characters relate to one another and what they think of the narrator. Remember, fans love to connect with stories by envisioning themselves as a part of the story so spare no detail. 

3. To continue book promotion, create character visuals and use throughout your FB and Instagram book marketing social accounts

In the end you'll have a masterpiece that readers weren't able to put down! And, think about this, this approach to marketing might just open up ideas for book number two. Many cult classics have gone on to start their next story where the action left off in the one that came just before! 

Keep the Faith and May the Force be with You!


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