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How to Use Google Hangouts & YouTube to Promote Your Audiobook

Posted by Arthur Gutch on Thu, Aug 30, 2018 @ 12:57 PM

We love that authors today can enjoy celebrity status. Because of social media's rise, an author can connect with endless people the world over to self-promote their writing work. Many social media users report one of their biggest impetus of using these popular outlets is to connect to the artists, actors, writers, musicians and athletes they're fans of. You too could be on this train in no time by complementing your voice recorded story with a visual socializing tool. audiobook_authors_self_publishing

Google Hangouts

Popular tech site, Mashable cites publishing promotions as one of 4 creative ways people are utilizing Hangouts. An easy way to connect with as many or few people as you'd like and, you can use these videos to populate a YouTube channel while you're getting started. Google Hangouts allows you to create "special events" that are invitation only or to live broadcast where as many people who'd like to can join. 

Remember to give your Hangout a title, and that you can connect multiple cameras throughout your space to switch back and forth between locations if this could benefit you. When you're sending out emails asking bloggers to review your book, specifically look for bloggers who love to use Hangouts- this will add to extra exposure- perhaps they'll show or discuss your audio book on a Hangout or they'll promote your Hangouts via theirs. 

You could even promote specials or giveaways via your Facebook page by inviting fans to a Hangout- "first 10 people to sign up receive 10 % off their purchase of my new audio-book." A Hangout is even a great way to build into the launch of your book. 

We know you're wondering exactly what to talk about in your Hangout since all of the guides out there focus on how-to set a Hangout up. This is your time to read compelling excerpts, do very short demos and connect with your fan base personally- show the audience who you are and why your book matters while remembering to focus on the book. Talk about what was behind the development of a character and how they were the impetus of your story. 

YouTube Channels To Feature Your Book & More

As we mentioned, you can use the videos you make for Google Hangouts to post on your YouTube Channel and to promote your Hangouts. People love to connect their preferred ways, so while the content may be similar or in some cases the same, YouTube allows people to view and share more anonymously at their own leisure rather than in more live format. YouTube videos also allow for more stylized and longer-length features. 

Ways to use YouTube:  

1. Record an excerpt reading. If your book took place in a special spot, by the beach, in the woods, etc, add some effect by recording in that cool locale. 

2. If your book features how-to, demos are in order. Record a series of demos and promote these via your other social media outlets. Before ending the video, express a "motivate to purchase" such as "in the book you'll learn how to perfect this technique" or "to complete this project, grab the latest edition of my audio book". Don't give it all away in your demo, but just enough that gets them to buy. 

3. YouTube videos don't always need to feature you, you could play an excerpt from your book while playing a recorded reel of related photos that represent the story or content. 

Keep the Faith and May the Force be with You!


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