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BookTube: A Key Influencer for Book Marketing

Posted by Arthur Gutch on Tue, Feb 23, 2016 @ 04:54 PM

All the book-marketing advisors these days agree: visual sells better than words. Combine the two and you've got a potent means for promoting your books. Besides putting pictures on social media, authors were pretty limited as to how they could visually sell their back catalog. That is, they were up until now. Now you have an entirely new way to find new devoted fans who would never come in contact with your social media campaigns. It's called BookTube. It's the book arm of media giant YouTube, and it has millions of loyal fans looking for the next new book to read. booktube_self_publish_marketing

How it Works

Just like with YouTube, BookTubers create video blogs and upload them to the website in individual channels. Anyone can create their own channel, for free, with the goal of having people sign up to watch future videos. BookTube features everything from stop-motion movies made from books to thug book reviews of classics such as Wuthering Heights. Some of the most popular have hundreds of thousands of followers and are minor celebrities online. Others are simple book bloggers who have taken their blogs a step further to find a new and bigger audience.

Leveraging the Vloggers

Book vloggers need new material every week just like book bloggers do. They rely on authors who submit their work in exchange for an honest review of their work. Each individual BookTuber has his own set of submission rules, and you're more likely to get accepted to the smaller ones if you're just starting out. Begin by searching for videos in the genre you write. Watch a number of different channels until you find a few you like and respect. You'll find contact information on each channel page. When you get a vlogger to agree to review your book, you'll need to send him a review copy, usually in digital form. You'll hit a new audience for your books in an entirely new market.

Taking it Further

If your creative talent extends from writing to videotaping and speaking on camera, start your own BookTube channel. You can start small by producing videos about your own books, then fill in with other books in your genre. Many authors will recommend you to their readers if you promote their books. This cross-promotion will benefit both of you, growing your fan base even bigger. You can create one video a month or do one every day. If you've got the talent and personality to make your books shine, the Millennial audience on BookTube can become a huge and hungry fan base for your next books.


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