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3 Easy Steps to Creating a Powerful Book Trailer

Posted by Arthur Gutch on Tue, Oct 07, 2014 @ 10:52 AM

It's always exciting to watch the coming attractions before a movie, and finding out what films are coming up that you want to see, use the same power to promote your book!

As a self published author you can create powerful buzz and excitement by creating video trailers for your books. The internet is a visual medium, and savvy writers are taking advantage of that by creating slideshows set to music and even short films, all to advertise their newest books. It doesn't take a Hollywood producer to create a book trailer; you probably have the equipment already installed in your computer.Today it's also possible to find a great freelance resource or your publsiher may provide book marketing services that fit the bill.


Setting Up

As book marketing tools, book trailers run the gamut from slapstick funny to tearjerker and everything in between. Decide on the tone of your movie, and make it mesh with the tone of your book. Choose one main theme to focus on in the trailer. Usually, your book blurb or elevator speech is a good topic to cover. Gather a large collection of royalty-free photos that fit in the theme of your book and trailer. You'll probably end up with more than you can use, but it's useful to have a large amount from which to choose. Find some compatible background music and write any text you're going to add to the screen, and don't forget to add a tag line directing the viewer where to purchase the book.

Where to Do It

A good number of computers come with movie making software already installed. Windows Movie Maker is one, and there are similar included programs with a number of Apple products. If your computer is lacking, look online for one of the dozens of free movie making downloads or new web-bsed services and grab one. Animoto is a good example of a web-based service.Most of these programs run the same way: download pictures into numbered slots, decide on the type of transition you'd like between images, then add audio and words on top.  You'll probably spend a few hours experimenting with different combinations and looks, but most people can create an interesting book trailer to entice their readers in just one afternoon. Once the video is finished, save it and upload it to both YouTube and Vimeo and let people discover it. 

What to Do With It

Your book trailer can be a great marketing tool on any social media program, giving you a great way to find new readers. Post it on Facebook and encourage people to share it. Add it to your Pinterest board, along with some appropriate keywords. Write about the trailer on your blog, and embed a copy of it at the end. Turn it into the featured image at the top of your website. When you write your monthly newsletter, feature the trailer as a surprise behind-the-scenes look to your most loyal fans. Anywhere you appear online is a great place to post either the video itself or a link so readers can find it for themselves. Happy fishing!

Keep the Faith and May the Force be with You!


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