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Happy New Year from Infinity Publishing...

Posted by Sherrie Wilkolaski on Tue, Jan 03, 2012 @ 11:33 AM

by Scott McDermott

Hello,Scott McDermott   President Infinity Publishing resized 600 I’m Scott McDermott, President of Infinity Publishing. Happy New Year! 

All of us at Infinity Publishing are exceptionally excited about the prospects for 2012.  There is no better time of year to set goals and make the pledge to achieve those goals. We’ve done that at Infinity – we are positioning ourselves to be the premier author-focused, independent publisher in America. Not the biggest, but rather the publisher most in-tune with the needs, requirements, and aspirations of talented and committed authors seeking personal service and the highest-quality products for the publication and promotion of their books.

In order to realize our goal of distinguishing ourselves as the ‘right publisher’ for you in 2012, the Infinity Publishing team needs to listen and learn from our authors.  We want our community of authors to work with us, based on mutual understanding, respect, and appreciation. We are continually working towards doing a better job of introducing ourselves and educating authors on why we believe that you will be best-served by joining our publishing family. So, in the weeks ahead, I will be blogging regularly to tell you more about who we are, and why we care.

As the President of Infinity Publishing, I am continually learning and believe in the ability of a small company to be a market leader based on service, innovation, and commitment to their most important constituency . . . in this case, our authors.  I studied American literature and history at Colby College in Maine. I taught high school history for two years before going to law school. I then joined the faculty at the Carroll School of Management at Boston College in 1984 and I continue to teach business management, consulting, and entrepreneurship in the MBA program at B.C. today. Over the years I have been an operating executive of small companies, a corporate lawyer, a business school professor, and a trusted-advisor to growth companies, business owners, management teams, and investing organizations. Now, I have the very great pleasure of leading the Infinity Publishing team into 2012. When I first connected with our company in 2010, I was immediately impressed with the 15 years of experience as pioneers in the self-publishing sector.  Then, as I came to know our team members, I recognized the core of a deeply committed, highly skilled small company. Our team, admires our authors, really loves books and they care.  Not just about producing the highest-quality book at the best price, but also about their important role in assisting enthusiastic and dedicated authors to fulfill their dreams and to be successful as published authors.

But, we must do even better. Change is the only constant in the publishing industry today.  It is an exciting time. We are working very hard to grow our capabilities  -- the market demands more varied print products, better digital products, broader distribution, and more services delivered effectively and efficiently for our authors.  In the months ahead, you will be hearing much more from me about new promotional and editorial services. You will hear about improvements in the way we connect and communicate with our family of authors. We know that it is not just about change . . . but it is about change for the better!  And we look forward to making that happen for you – our authors.

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