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Three Top Selling Infinity authors for February 2011

Posted by Brittany Lavin on Wed, Mar 09, 2011 @ 07:00 PM

Once again we have a variety of books achieving Top Selling status in February with the authors employing a variety of promotional efforts to generate interest in their book.


Faye Hueston - February 2011 top selling author of: Silent Enemy  

"I just returned from a week's stay in Houston and found your e-mail.  

As for what I've done, apart from ordering some books myself to give away to radio hosts and print editors who request a copy, I hired a PR firm who have procured a number of radio interviews on shows that deal mainly with health issues and so-called alternative therapies. 

I know the Gerson Institute in San Diego has ordered copies several times (the Gerson therapy detoxified my body and saved my life when I had chemical poisoning in the 1980s, and cured my best friend of malignant melanoma almost thirty years ago).  My book is a tribute to the therapy.

But the biggest response I received was when I was on the Coast to Coast AM program for three hours four Sundays ago.  I received two hundred and fifty e-mails, many of which said they would buy the book.  That was the one program I really wanted to get on and my PR gal finally succeeded.

I haven't had a book signing event yet.

The website for my book is:"

 John Note: I've often referred to the importance of authors' having book dedicated websites, Faye's website is a good example of using your web presence on the Internet to promote your book. She has included a contact page so if you have questions about her book promotional efforts you can email her a note.


Lisa Mason - February 2011 top selling author of: Big Life Lessons From That Still, Small Voice

"Thanks so much for the e-mail and the words of encouragement.  I really appreciate it and I have so enjoyed working with your awesome team. 

As to the success of the little book, I think a big part of it is social media. I have spent absolutely no money on marketing... I have just posted my book on Facebook and on my website.  Additionally,  all of my friends have "tweeted" about it and posted it on their websites as well.  One can never, never underestimate the power of the new technologically-advanced age in which we live. I went into it kicking and screaming but now cannot think of living without it.  Second,  I took a giant leap of faith and posted lots of excerpts on my website for people to read. I asked for their feedback... before I ever decided to publish.  I literally asked readers to let me know if they thought the book was good enough for them to want to read more. It is interesting.... it is as if my readers feel as if they are the ones that brought this book to fruition... and in a way, they are!  I don't know if that really answers your question or not.  Mostly, I just feel very lucky that I have a small following that was interested in what I had to say.

Finally, I am doing a B&N event in Exton, Pa. at the end of April."

John Note: Lisa's book is an excellent example of the power of social networking sites. While in the process of writing her book she solicited input from her on line friends-sort of like priming the pump with early interest in her book project. When her book was released in February 2011, her book took off like a rocket. Visit her book page on Infinity's online bookstore to read a few of the exceptional reviews she has harvested from her Internet friends.


Todd Sebastian - February 2011 top selling author of: Tell Your Clients Where to Go! A Practical Guide to Providing Passionate Client Leadership


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