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Book Publishing- The Importance of a Web Site

Posted by Brittany Lavin on Fri, Dec 17, 2010 @ 04:02 PM

by Dave Giorgio

If you are an author, the importance of having a Web site can't be overvalued. These days, a Web site is like a Swiss army knife of utility.

It serves as a business card. It is like a having a listing in the phone book. It is your own personal book store, where people can read about your book, and even purchase it, provided you have e-commerce functionality. 

It is a place where people can see pictures of you, watch video, and read about who you are. It is a place where your voice can be heard and where your words can be read; you're own personal message to the world about who you are and what you do.

A Web site consists of pages. Some sites consist of a handful of pages, while others have hundreds. It all depends on what your Web site is about.

Good design and good content are essential. Once someone visits your site, they should be impressed by what they see. The navigation should be logical and allow visitors to find the content the want. The pages should not be too wordy because visitors loose interest if they have to scroll and scroll down a page that never seems to end.

There are professional companies that create Web sites, and it isn't extremely expensive. Do a web search for "Web design" and you'll find hundreds of options: From do-it-yourself vehicles to companies that will work with you to get your message across.

There isn't an important author today who does not have a dedicated Web site. So if you are aiming to play in that league, having your own Web site is a best bet.


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