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Infinity Author interviewed on Internet TV!

Posted by Brittany Lavin on Wed, Dec 15, 2010 @ 04:37 PM

Author Advocate, Brittany Lavin, December 15, 2010

beyond the coldInfinity author Michael Kleiner was interviewed on “The Authors Show” Internet TV. His book “Beyond the Cold” was released in 2006 and chronicles the year he lived in Norway with his family. This brief stay developed in Kleiner a deep affection for the country and its culture. The book is about Kleiner living in Norway with his family for a year as an 11-year old child in 1969-70 and then returning several times as an adult, resulting in a four-decade relationship.

"The change in culture really impacted my life," Kleiner says. "The people and culture have truly influenced me and the book is a beautiful portrait of adopting another country as my own although I am not of Norwegian descent."

Kleiner is now an established expert on Norway. In 2008, Kleiner was invited to attend the Norwegian Fall Festival, in Minot, ND.

"It was an honor and an amazing learning experience," Kleiner says. "60,000 people were there. I definitely learned how to sell books in a different setting."

In 2009, Kleiner won first prize in the autobiography/biography category at the Beach Book Festival.

To market his book, Kleiner had local releases in his neighborhood. He also researched Norwegian American Organizations and sent the book out. He also stresses how easily adaptable the book is for children, as it is a portrait of his childhood memories. Kleiner has exercised this notion by going to his childrens' classes since Preschool and making presentations to their class. His children are now in fifth grade.

“The Authors Show” is the same group which produced the book “50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading” which includes Kleiner.

Click here to view "The Authors Show" interview!

For more information on Michael Kleiner and his book visit:

-Brittany Lavin

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