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Monday, November 1 – National Authors’ Day!

Posted by Brittany Lavin on Thu, Oct 28, 2010 @ 04:04 PM

Director, Author Services, LinDee Rochelle, October 28, 2010:

Writing a book can be a real roller coaster ride – thrilling, sometimes chilling, and deliciously scary. Isn’t it true though that roller coasters are much more fun when you’re screaming through the ups and downs, and screeching around the corners, with a friend in the bumpy car beside you?

This thought crossed my mind at our recent conference, as I chatted with Lois Stern, an enthusiastic and caring Infinity author. I listened to her contribution in a panel discussion and Lois authors dayreminded us that authors are people too!

In addition to our passion with a pen (or keyboard), we ride the roller coaster of life through the highs and lows that sometimes sidetracks our writing. Since you’re reading this, you likely are an author or very close to someone who makes writing a priority in life. What can you do to help?

What better time to be aware of your author-friends’ needs than on the cusp of National Authors’ Day (November 1st) and National Novel Writing Month? Of course we should be kind, compassionate and caring to everyone every day. Um, and we should all be billionaires.

However, with just a little time and moderate effort, you can make a difference – support imagination and creativity for an author who needs a little extra quiet-time, or a refreshing afternoon of inspiration.

Offer to clean the kitchen while she writes, or get the kids out of her hair for a few hours – take ‘em for a roller coaster ride! Yes, guy authors need love too. Help him with his honey-do list, or take his place behind the lawnmower.

Recent turbulence in the industry has opened up many opportunities for independent authors, making publishing far easier and more affordable than ever before. We now have incredible freedom to write what we want – we just need the time to do it.

Laura Rudacille, another Infinity author, generously offers space on her periodic event tables for other authors’ marketing materials. What a terrific way to help fellow authors take advantage of an extra promotional opportunity that they may not have otherwise had the time or the dime for.

And in her own grass roots campaign of “authors helping authors,” Lois lends a helping hand where she sees a need, be it a ride to the store, or simply a sympathetic ear. November 1st is just the beginning – what can you do for your special author?

Peace … LinDee

(Dedicated to all my author friends – happy National Authors’ Day!)

-LinDee Rochelle

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