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Knoxville News reviews G.S. Needham’s self published “Double Whammy”

Posted by Brittany Lavin on Wed, Sep 01, 2010 @ 04:16 PM

Author Advocate, Brittany Lavin, September 1, 2010:

Self published authors CAN get reviews!

David Hunter, a freelance writer for Knoxville News, posted a glowing review for Infinity author G.S. Needham’s satanic murder thriller “Double Whammy.”

In his review, Hunter makes a point of stating that while he does read the books that are sent to him (an author must put in a request beforehand) he makes it clear that there is little chance that he will mention it.

Suffice it to say, he was pleasantly surprised when he read Needham’s work.  “Double Whammy” delves into the mind of fictional character Ida Mae Potts, the youngest woman on death row in Kentucky. According to Hunter, Needham, a retired criminal court reporter, decided to self publish because “she didn’t want to play games with agents, etc.”

“Regardless of how she arrived, Needham got it right - from the stench of jail disinfectants to the ranting of mentally ill prisoners. Furthermore, she did the near impossible by making the reader grasp how a monster comes to be,” Hunter said in his article on 

Click here for David Hunter’s full review of “Double Whammy” available for sale on Buy Books on the Web.

Self published authors can break through traditional barriers and not only be successful, but get noticed too! Let this be an example for all self published authors- don’t give up and keep promoting your book!

For information on sending your book to a reviewer refer to Spread the word! Send your self published book to a reviewer.


-Brittany Lavin

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