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4 Tips On Using Instagram to Motivate Book Purchasers

Posted by Arthur Gutch on Wed, Sep 03, 2014 @ 09:58 AM

What Does Your Instagram Account Say About You? 

Lifestyle shots are just part of creating a persona on Instagram. Fans love to see what an author's life is like, but are you posting photos that actually motivate your fans to purchase your book? Want to get followers to stop on your posts as they scroll through their ever-revolving feed- try our tips to stand out. 

Instagram motivates 1. Tell a story with Instagram.

Do this by posting photos that leave readers with an "I can't live without knowing more" feeling. 

  • Edit text directly onto a photo: 

    • Get into your favorite editor (Adobe Illustrator or even as simple as Picasa)

    • Save photos from your book?

    • If you're a novelist, channel your inner Jackie Collins to type out a short, tantalizing one or two liner that motivates to buy. 

  • Post a pic and tell a story whether it's a how-to or a novel:

    • Recipe and how-to books:

      • post a pic and write a short 3-liner below about how your recipe was brought down through a family tradition- play on reader's sentimental sides. 

      • if it's a novel, post a photo that keeps readers wondering. Give a one or two line excerpt then ask a leading question that can only be answered by purchasing your book.

2. Promote social-media cross-linking instantly with FB/Twitter/Tumblr.

  • Did you know when you post an Instagram photo you can automatically link it to your other social media networks? This not only saves time marketing, but now Instagram handles convert to Twitter handles. Chances are you'll get a retweet or a mention if you continually link over here. 

3. Promote guest posts, blog tours and live events in your feed.

Instagram is becoming one of the most well-received marketing forums for authors online today. It's quick, easy and people say they feel like they're genuinely connected to their follower base with authentic interactions. 

  • Screen shot your feature from the web, use relevant hashtags and handle tag related users: 

    • Upcoming events and book signings

    • Interviews

    • Guest posts

    • Online retail locations you're newly featured in 

4. Host a giveaway to gain traction.

This also offers an opportunity to recruit other social media avenues. 

  • Feature a photo of a friend holding your book doing something quirky, yet related. 

  • Position the giveaway something like, "whoever posts a photo of themselves doing something exceptionally X (creative, quirky, innovative...) with the book, gets a signed copy for a friend. Most unique wins. 

Keep the Faith and may the Force be with You!

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