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3 Tips For Organizing & Launching Your Online Book Marketing Tour

Posted by Arthur Gutch on Fri, Jan 17, 2014 @ 08:51 AM

You've broken into the world of self-publishing - now comes the book marketing and author marketing. Below a few tips that can help organize and launch your successful online book tour now.

book marketing online

1. Make real world friends. If you're accustomed to working from home or coffee shops with little outside interaction, it's time to give it a shot. Attending a well-organized conference can take your writing, author marketing and book marketing in a promising direction all at once. Blog Her is a bi-annual event that brings bloggers and writers together to network for a weekend. Many writers land new gigs and get to talk about their book to people who care for 48 hours straight. If your introverted side is not ready for the real world quite yet, they've just introduced an online mini-conference.

2. Make Virtual world friends.

Bloggers: An authentic letter to another blogger or writer can take your book marketing in a whole new direction if you say the right things. Introduce yourself, compliment their work and say something about your book that would interest their perspective. If you've written about food styling and the blogger publishes articles about kitchen gadgets, pitch her on how your content can accentuate his/hers. Ask if they would like to do a review, have you as a guest or host a giveaway. Most bloggers won't turn down this invitation and it scores you a full page on their blog.

Tip: If you don't hear back after several days, send a polite followup. In your followup, it can't hurt to include a beautiful photo from your book to spark interest.

Twitter & Facebook: Your following grows when you follow others. Follow anyone you respect in your field or who you know to be a big influencer. Send replies to their tweets and posts- interact when they ask questions and repost their relevant tweets. If you become connected with someone at Martha Stewart or Food Network for example, by all means, find out their email and ask them to either tweet your info or feature a review on their blog.

Pinterest. A constant visual reminder is worth a thousand words- get a pinterest account and pin away. Make a board for:

    • Your press. Anyone who features you- boom, pin the article with a catchy photo that will make people click.

    • Chapter themes. These can be uploaded excerpts of your book or links to any personally blogged material relevant to your book.

    • Your resume. A virtual resume is cool and will help establish your reputation as a writer.

3. Radio time. Getting interviewed on the radio about your book is a chance to reach thousands of people in a short period of time. The host will say your name, the title of your book and chat with you about the content of your book. When you find out the date of the interview:

    • Post the station and time on Facebook and twitter

    • Post something on your blog

    • Do an additional post on twitter and Facebook and add a pin to your press board

You've finished your masterpiece or are about to self-publish, but have you planned your online book tour? Our tips can help you create a successful online book marketing tour now.

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