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CD in a Book™ Program

Posted by Sherrie Wilkolaski on Thu, Sep 19, 2013 @ 09:00 AM

Did you know that as an Infinity author, you can enhance your book with our CD in a Book™ program? The possibilities are endless. Not sure how you want to take advantage of this perk? Here are some great ideas. 

The CD can include:

  • Color photographs, charts, PDF files, or any other data tocdinabook enhance the value of your book.
  •  An audio program: an audio/spoken book, music, poetry read aloud, an audio teaser, or more!

There are many ways a CD can enhance your printed book.

  • Poetry. Poets can give voice to their poems by including a CD with a selection of poetry – hearing the poet’s inflections brings a new meaning to their words. 
  • Documents. Books with references to databases of contact information, worksheets, and PDF forms could include a CD filled with a variety of different kinds of computer-friendly and printer-ready files.
  • Visuals. Novelists could include a CD with an array of photographs, which may enhance the reader’s visualization of the plot and help set the scene in the reader’s mind.  Historical novelists could show the dress of the period, military uniforms and weapons of the era – once-dry history can now come alive with the digital sparkles of a slide show. 
  • eBook. An author can even have their book converted to an e-book and put on a CD.  

These are just a few examples of how additional information can be recorded on a CD that will ultimately increase the value of your printed book.

Getting Publicity for Your Book

There is a one-time CD-setup fee of $200 in addition to the standard $599 one-time fee for any new book being added into Infinity’s unique book publishing system.  You may choose to have two versions of your book or just the version with the CD.

Existing Infinity titles will require a new ISBN and authors will incur a $200 one-time fee to setup their existing book with a CD enclosed. Mixed-media books will have a distinctive medallion displayed on the front cover denoting that an enhanced value CD is enclosed.

Download our CD in a BookTM Agreement and get started on enhancing your readers' experience of your published book today.

Have you used the CD in a Book™ program? How would you use the CD? Share your experience with us.

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