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Give Thanks: Show Your Appreciation!

Posted by Sherrie Wilkolaski on Thu, Aug 15, 2013 @ 09:00 AM

It may come as a surprise, but minding your manners still applies to being an author! Coming up with your book idea and sitting down and writing may be the first step in the publishing process, but it doesn't stop there. Throughout your self-publishing journey you will have a team of people that will be helping you along the way. Today, we're here to remind you to show your appreciation for those people and give thanks!

Touching base with your editorThank you post it is a great way to start. Since they were your initial stop in getting your book to become a polished product, it's always nice to check back in and let them know how your publishing journey is going and to thank them for all of their help from the very start.

Your book cover designer should be next on your list. Since they helped to visually bring your book to life, you have a lot to thank them for. Especially if they have created a cover that people won't pre-judge, unless of course they like the cover so much that they just have to buy it.

Readch out to your publicist! A lot of their work is behind the scenes and you may not always know it but they are constantly pitching you for interviews, radio shows and book reviews. This work can sometimes go under the radar but they are your biggest cheerleader; give them the recognition they deserve and send them a quick "thanks!"

Your website designer is responsible for your online media prescence. It's your author website that can drive in potential media opportunities...or drive them away. Having a functional and beautiful website is more important than many authors know. Thank the techie that is the brains behind the HTML operation!

Give a warm thank you to Infinity Publishing. Your Author Advocate has been there by your side, walking you through the world of self-publishing. A hand written thank you card will go a long way, or even a quick e-mail will definitely bring a smile to their face. 

And finally, never forget to give yourself a pat on the back. Appreciate all that you have done to get to this point. Becoming an author is a long term investment and it has been a journey in believing in your work to get to this point. Enjoy the ride! 

How do you thank the people who have made your dreams of becoming a published author come true? Share in the comments below!

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