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Eye of the Storm

Posted by Sherrie Wilkolaski on Sun, Aug 18, 2013 @ 09:00 AM

"You are the love of my life, my soul mate... Being with you feels so comfortable, almost as though I have known you for a lifetime, maybe longer." -Eye of the Storm by C.K. Gray

Book Excerpt:

As kind as fate was to bring them together, was it just as cruel to tear them apart?0741460181

Living in the early 1900s in Savannah, Georgia, ELIZA, only seventeen, knows the right man for her is out there somewhere. When she spies nineteen-year-old John, she knows
immediately he‘s the one, .but there is something mysterious about John that captivates her.

As soon as they physically connect, they are instantly smitten with one another. As they gaze into each other’s eyes, it’s apparent that there is a bond between them already, something that neither of them understand—but both of them must obey. This is not simple puppy love or teenage obsession; it’s destiny.

From that day forward, Eliza and John are inseparable. They rendezvous often at the lake, They seem to be able to sense each other’s thoughts and feelings..John knows his life is now complete— that his future with Eliza is sealed.

Although fate has other intentions for them both. As John proposes to Eliza in a boat out on the lake, a violent storm begins to descend and lightning hits, throwing Eliza overboard. John jumps in after her only to find her lifeless body floating in the water. He clings to her, but the waves overtake him, and at last they will truly be together forever.

However, their story does not end there. It continues in present-day Seattle, Washington, with Carolina Anderson, and Dr. Michael Sanford. Though neither of them know one another, they end up at the same function, Carolina sees Michael across the room, she senses from unspoken words, there’s an unknown connection.

From their first contact, they feel compelled to be together. Secretly, but morally wrong, they meet again knowing this was not just a simple twist of fate, but they were destined to be together..

Though the couple remains unaware of this fateful tie, they recognize the eerie familiarity that exists between them. Carolina’s perfume is strangely familiar to Michael—lilac scented, just like Eliza wore. When Michael talks about visiting relatives in another state, Carolina is sure that their conversations took place more than a hundred years prior.

Carolina and Michael must now make a choice between staying with their spouses or following their destiny. They take off together to a secluded beach on a tropical island, where they find themselves out on a sailboat. Completing the circle that fate had begun to draw for these star-crossed lovers over a century earlier, a tumultuous storm sets in. Lightning strikes, and Carolina is thrown overboard. This time, however, Michael finds her barely alive—and vows never to lose her again.

Book synopsis:

Seventeen-year-old Eliza Anceaux finds her soul mate in handsome John Barrett. but just as fate brings them together, it tears them apart when they both lose their lives in a tragic boating accident. Can their love survive even after death? Is the answer found over a hundred years later?

When successful businesswoman Carolina Anderson meets Dr. Michael Sanford, they find themselves inexplicably drawn to one another—and unwittingly mirroring Eliza and John’s doomed romance. From the perfume Carolina wears to the accident that forces Michael to realize he cannot live without her, everything about their relationship is all too familiar.

Will tragedy repeat itself, or will the star-crossed lovers free themselves from the grip of fate?

About the Author:

C.K. is a brilliant author, pouring her heart and soul in all that she produces, as every word written tells a story. She takes great pride in all that she writes. With her lifelong passion for writing, her dream became a reality. Within only nine months, her first book, "Eye of the Storm" was written and published. Her latest novel, "After the Storm" is now available. C.K. is now working on another captivating story.

Her first novel has gained tremendous traction over the past year that she’s now in the eye of the Media. Radio and TV interviews have been scheduled all over the Country.

ISBN: 0-7414-6018-1
Price: $12.95
Book Size: 184 pages
Category/Subject: FICTION / Romance / General

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