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Happy 4th of July Authors!

Posted by Sherrie Wilkolaski on Thu, Jul 04, 2013 @ 05:19 PM

Authors everywhere MUST be celebrating on such a wonderful holiday.  This day represents the many freedoms we have being American. The right to freedom of the press and to free speech. Think about not having these liberties, would your book actually have been published? 
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As you enjoy your hotdogs, apple pie and sip lemonade on your front porch, take a moment to appreciate your own published book and those great authors like Twain, Alcott, Poe and Thoreau.

If you haven’t yet published your book and are getting ready to take advantage of your freedom as a writer to do so, consider some of the great things that Infinity Publishing has to offer an author.

  1. Great value for the investment.  When you look at what other competitors are charging, Infinity Publishing has them beat. 
  2. Bookstore returnability.  If you published somewhere else, you’ve probably realized you cannot get your books into bookstores or other retailers, why?  Most independent publishing companies don’t provide that must have service, except for Infinity of course.
  3. Extended Distribution.  Infinity’s distribution networks will get your book listed and discoverable all around the world.  Another must have for any author interested in selling their title.How to get published - Choosing the Right Publishing Package
  4. More FREE marketing support than anywhere else.  Infinity Publishing partners with every author we publish to help market and promote their work.  You won’t find this anywhere else. We also offer a menu of paid marketing services that can take any author’s book where they want it to go.
  5. Real people, real publishing professionals.  Infinity Publishing has a talented team of publishing professionals that work one on one with every author. Personalized customer services.

You have the freedom to write what you want, why not take advantage of your freedom to select the right publishing partner

Read what Infinity Publishing authors have to say about why decided to make Infinity home for their title:

I was referred to Infinity Publishing by another author, and that is why I decided to publish with this company. I like their constant help and dedication in all of my marketing efforts.~Dianna Bellerose, author of Fire and Ice

For two years I marketed my book to agents and traditional presses, unsuccessfully. Though getting much positive feedback specific to my skills as a writer, most stated they feared marketing a novel based on reality. Today’s readers seem to want to escape into dark fantasy. After researching several Indie publishers, I discovered Infinity, a publisher who delivers on time and precisely as requested, provides services, supports authors, has a simple understandable contract and provides monthly royalty statements. I am well pleased to select Infinity a second time with my latest book, The Keeper Chronicles Volume I & II. ~G.H. Sherrer, author of The Keeper Chronicles

After looking into other self-publishing companies, I decided to contact Infinity Publishing because it wasn't on anyone's “Beware Of These Self-Publishers” list. Seriously, I had heard some disheartening things about other companies, and because I'm a newbie author, I needed a company that was professional and on the level.~S.L. Fummerton, author of Thaumaturge


Image courtesy of Raphael Pinto.

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