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Infinity Publishing New Titles Just Released..May 31, 2013

Posted by Sherrie Wilkolaski on Fri, May 31, 2013 @ 05:00 PM

Congratulations to our newly published authors!

1 .
The Privilege of Man is to Dream: Mark Twain's Visit to Hawaii
Samuel Langhorne Clemens was a young man of thirty when he boarded the sail-steamer Ajax on March 7, 1866, to venture on an ocean voyage to the Hawaiian Islands as a roving reporter for The Sacramento Union. He had not yet written Huckleberry Finn, Tom Sawyer, or Life on the Mississippi. He was poor and not yet internationally known. His Sandwich Islands venture would become the catapulting event that would fire Mark Twain from roving reporter to famous speaker to famous writer, enabling him to ascend to the heights of literary greatness. read more
by Bettye Oliger Fox ~ 0-7414-8459-5 ©2013
Price: $11.45

  Average Rating: (not rated)

2 .
Lost Crossing BroadWay
If you must migrate, be smart about it; what you don’t’ know HURTS. Get settled right and learn to spot the liar seeking documents overseas rather than love in marriage. read more
by Angie Manning Edusei ~ 0-7414-8343-2 ©2013
Price: $12.95

  Average Rating: (not rated)

3 .
Train Going West and Other Stories
Unexpected encounters abound on a train to California. A mysterious girl boards a bus in a small Pennsylvania town. A washed-up newspaper columnist watches his life slip away. A fog-bound October day in a mountaintop inn produces an epiphany. These are among the ten stories collected in this small but illuminating volume. Some stories are as brief as a few hundred words, while others are of more conventional length. Some are gritty, while others touch on the humorous. But all provide a distinctive take on life and the human condition that the reader will long remember and treasure. read more
by John Omwake ~ 0-7414-9629-1 ©2013
Price: $10.95

  Average Rating: (not rated)

4 .
Santana: A Life in Quanta
Santana: A Life in Quanta explores a variety of Carlos Santana's compositions and through word, picture and scientific equations it links each stage of his life to an aspect of Quantum Physics. It does so through visual explorations, which contain word, picture and scientific equations. In both fields of Music and Physics, there is a wonderful and remarkable order; a divine pattern that although expressed in different projected spectrums, are one of the same. This work explores the boundaries between the two fields and studies the possible connections that could be made through shapes, patterns and concepts. read more
by Victoria Rose ~ 0-7414-8272-X ©2013
Price: $30.95

  Average Rating: (not rated)

5 .
It's Never A Secret
Experience the psychological destabilization of Erica Reinhardt at the hands of her abusive husband. When keeping her secret of the abuse proves impossible, her true friends emerge encouraging her to break free. Revenge becomes her motivation for recovery. read more
by L.J. Kaufman ~ 0-7414-8397-1 ©2013
Price: $18.95

  Average Rating: (not rated)


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