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The Infinity Publishing Difference for Indie Authors

Posted by Sherrie Wilkolaski on Tue, Feb 26, 2013 @ 07:58 AM

There are so many reasons an author should consider Infinity Publishing. Here are just a things to consider on how we stand out from the competition:

Freedom of expression

At Infinity Publishing, you own all rights, hold the Library of Congress copyright, and have complete editorial control over the content of your book. We want authors to retain all rights to their content. We recognize that, as the author, you are far more familiar with the content and the target market you wrote your book for than we could ever hope to be. Our experience has shown that when authors own the content they are more motivated to make good things happen with their books.

Promote your book the way you want.

Infinity Publishing offers a variety of free marketing support to all of our authors and we encourage all of our authors to take control of their own marketing.  We are supportive of our authors’ efforts to promote their books.

The opportunity to profit from your work.

Infinity profits as you do—from the sale of books. It is our firm belief that our authors deserve a large share of the profit when their books sell, and the opportunity to earn higher royalties for the life of a book that never goes out of print. Learn more about our great royalty program here.

A non-exclusive publishing agreement.

As an Infinity Publishing author, you have the freedom to publish anywhere you please. If you get a better offer or if you become unhappy with Infinity for any reason, or no reason, you can move forward without a hassle…however given our support, royalty program and our marketing resources, we think you’ll find it hard to leave us.

An author-friendly environment.

After more than a decade of open communications with our authors, Infinity Publishing has earned an exceptional reputation

Broad distribution for every version of your book

Book distribution is key to sales success and we offer the broadest distribution possible for all version of your book including print, eBook and audio. Our state-of-the-art print-on-demand technology makes it possible to fulfill book orders in a timely manner, meaning your readers never have to wait long to receive and read your book.

Custom book cover design.

Cover design plays an increasingly important role in sales and have been shown to increase with a compelling front and back cover and professional interior design. Infinity Publishing’s unmatched custom cover and design capabilities provide real impact and are unequaled in quality, affordability, and optimization expertise.

How to get published - Choosing the Right Publishing Package

Print-on-Demand—an educated choice.

When you publish your book with Infinity Publishing you make an educated choice—to be part of the changing dynamics sweeping across the publishing industry.

Marketing and promotional support.

We recognize the importance of our authors’ promotional efforts to spread the word about their books. We have a skilled marketing department that is there to support our authors via free marketing support and the ability to upgrade to paid marketing services. No other independent publisher offers as much free support as Infinity Publishing.

Bookstore Returnability.

Interested in getting your book on bookstore shelves?  Infinity Publishing offers the return policy that bookstores require before even considering placing an order. Isn’t that just another reason to say, “YES!” to Infinity Publishing?

Stay tuned for more on our Infinity Publishing Difference series.  Make the right publishing decision today, contact one of our Author Advocates for more information.

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