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Promote Your Book, “The missing link”

Posted by Sherrie Wilkolaski on Tue, Feb 05, 2013 @ 04:45 PM

by  Gary L. Watts, Author

If you have a web site to promote your book (and you should), coming up in the first few pages of search engine listings should be your objective.  This is a lofty goal but you want to try to appear ahead of other websites in search engine ranking to attract more potential customers to your site. First, you need to pick a few phrases or “key” words that you think people will use in searching for your site/book.  For discussion purposes we will use the #1 search engine: Google. It has about a 70% share of the business.

In my book: 100 Marketing Trade Secrets for any Business there is a chapter (with a lot of marketing resized 600secrets) about web sites.  For instance, in Secret #65- Boost Web Site Traffic it gives you an overview in easy to understand terms on how to boost “traffic” to your website. 

I want to share a “high value” item I discovered a month ago that is extremely easy to use. Google (and all others search engines) have a mysterious link analysis algorithm that it builds into its programming on how its search engine works. They keep changing it (to make it better?) but the changes are also so no one can “game it. But, one “key” factor in all search engines is: Backlinks. This means getting your website address/link on other highly ranked websites. WebSite Magazine states this: The quality of the other link is vital and the number of backlinks is still one of the most powerful factors in predicting Google rankings (and others). Therefore we need to get quality backlinks to raise our website’s search engine ranking. So here it comes: My backlinks are mainly obtained via “Free Classified Ad Websites”. There are hundreds of these sites. Just “Google” free classified ads to find them.  But to reach my objective of QUALITY, I use major high ranking popular sites to place my FREE classified ads. For instant, I use Craiglist (books for sale), EBay Classified, and other super high ranking web sites to obtain my QUALITY backlinks. A list of the top 10 classified ad sites that according to Matthew Myer, of who runs a service that will post your classified ads (for a price); these are the top 10 classified sites where you will get major traffic both domestic and international: (Alexa ranking over 150,000) this means that the sites below all get serious traffic.

As far as creating a classified ad, you can easily put one together with a classified ad “shell” fill-in-the-blank –ad site. I found several free sites that offer user friendly templates like,, and others. Of course the main graphic is my book: click on the links below to see my free classified ads:

Best of luck to you as you better use SEO to market and promote your book.


An accomplished expert in consumer and B2B marketing, he held the position of Senior National Marketing Manager for Walt Disney World, where he coordinated various awareness activities with major corporations and national media. This included comprehensive programs to launch Epcot and event coverage with NBC, CBS, ABC, PBS, SIN, CBC, BBC, as well as other major print, radio and television outlets.

Watts is a graduate of Marshall University and has completed comprehensive postgraduate work in broadcast journalism at West Virginia University. He also served as the University's Assistant Director of Information and Publications prior to his 2 year tour of duty as an officer in the US Army where he earned a bronze star for his service. Watts also has worked as Community Relations Director for several radio and television stations and won several national awards for his on-air promotional campaigns.

Tags: website traffic, SEO, google, keywords, book discovery, book marketing

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