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Expressions of Charity New Book to Support The Giving Tree

Posted by Sherrie Wilkolaski on Sat, Nov 10, 2012 @ 09:00 AM

Expressions of Charity
  by The Giving Tree 

The Giving Tree resized 600Expressions of Charity is a 100% unedited book created by the children of The Giving Tree. The children were asked to express what giving and charity mean to them through drawings, poems, and stories.

The Giving Tree is a 501 (c) (3), non-profit founded in Montgomery County, PA, which creates projects and activities to educate children about the numerous ways they can help others and create a better community. They have just published their first book, Expressions of Charity and Infinity Publishing is excited to have them as one of the newest members of our publishing family.

The job of The Giving Tree is to teach children the important lessons that can be learned from charitable works. How much are they learning from their hard work? It was time to find out. In keeping with the mission of The Giving Tree, children between the ages of 3 and 18 were invited to share what they think of when they hear the words giving and charity. The collection of submissions, pictures, poems or stories, was put together to create a unique piece that will be a heartwarming book that can bring joy to many. So these are their Expressions of Charity.

Children of The Giving Tree gain an awareness of the charities in their neighborhood. By taking part in hands-on activities they learn how to turn a simple activity into an act of charity. Finally, and most important, these children feel a sense of pride as they realize the positive impact of their hard work.

“I love to give to people. I like to know that I am helping.” By Shailyn

“Through all of the fun service activities, I have learned that we all must help people who are less fortunate than us.” By Nick

“Helping other people makes me feel like I can make a difference in other’s lives without even knowing them.” By Jess

These thoughts of our Giving Tree members represent the mission of our organization. We strive to teach our children valuable lessons to make them more compassionate and aware of the members of their community and their needs.

At our hands-on events, families are invited to take part in a variety of activities. Sandwich making for our local soup kitchens and filling breakfast bags with shelf stable items for those people who depend on Meals on Wheels for their daily needs, teaches children about hunger. School Supplies are always in short supply in so many of our schools. Children can fill supply bags with some arts and crafts and essentials to be donated to these schools to assist the teachers with their educational efforts. This teaches children to be aware of their own school and its many learning tools. Decorating pillow cases with pretty pictures and wishes of good dreams can be donated to local shelters. Collecting and bagging needed winter items such as hats and gloves for low-income residents and shelters teaches our children about the reality of the homeless struggles in our community. Organizing a bake sale for Children’s Hospital provides awareness of the health challenges that so many children face. Making and selling dog toys to benefit a therapy dog program keeps animals and their needs in the minds’ of the children. Painting and filling flower pots to be delivered to nursing homes teaches children to remember that the residents of these facilities enjoy the kindnesses that we offer them and that these kindnesses make their days brighter. Our troops provide so much to our country and get so little in return. The cards that our children design and send will hopefully help them to feel our gratitude. With the stroke of a marker we are teaching our children to feel grateful for the military’s dedication.

The Giving Tree is very excited about two new projects, which provide regular support to our local hospitals and assisted living facilities. Our Peace and Smiles boxes brighten the day of children in our local hospitals. These are empty cereal boxes, which we fill with toys and activity items and then wrap and deliver. Many families save their empty boxes and donate supplies to help us make our gifts. Children decorate the wrapping paper with many beautiful pictures and then our volunteer families wrap them up to make colorful gift packages. Our Hugs and Smiles cards are used to acknowledge the birthdays of our seniors at local nursing and assisted living facilities. These cards are decorated by our children and given as blank writing cards with envelopes to the seniors as a birthday gift from the Giving Tree.

There are many school groups and service organizations that work with us to complete our projects. These children are eager to help and show enthusiasm to learn about the charities that they are helping. Sports teams, cheerleading squads, girl scouts, boy scouts, key clubs, and academic clubs are some of the groups that we have worked with. Many of them fulfill their service hour requirements working with us.

The Giving Tree is working every day on new ideas and we are greatly in need of support. We need much financial help in raising the funds to continue to purchase the supplies needed and market the events to the public. 100% of the purchase price of this book will go toward the planning, promotion, and organization of our educational activities. Thank you for your support as we teach our children to respect and help the less-fortunate in our communities.

To learn more about The Giving Tree, please visit our website,

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