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Author Interview: Dawn M. Lightsy, Stellar

Posted by Lindsey Huckabee on Sun, Sep 23, 2012 @ 09:00 AM

Welcome to our Author Interview series. 

Today we're featuring an interview with Dawn M. Lightsy, author of Stellar. Our author interview series provides an opportunity for our readers to get to know our authors on a deeper level and also learn more about the types of books we're publishing.

Dawn M. Lightsy, is the owner of Red Sea Entertainment Group, an independent literary, television and film company that specializes in the development, production, distribution, and marketing of media products.  She has worked in the television and film industry as production assistant, writer, and producer, and is a co-creator and executive producer of, The “Authors N Focus” Show.

Dawn M. Lightsy, is also a literary consultant for Rochelle Magee, author of the "No Witnesses" trilogy, published by La Femme Fatale Publishing, LLC, located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and is also a consultant for the Unity Theater Group, located in Los Angeles, California. 

Synopsis: StellarStellar by Dawn M. Lightsy

Common Starr is a successful screenwriter with the money, the house, the cars, the husband, and the friends to prove it. She is a star, and it appears that she is in control, however, she has a self-destructive, alcoholic, promiscuous, abused and guilt-ridden soul, and it's out of control.

With the discovery of the lies and deceit of those closest to her, all is lost in her spirit as she journeys into the light of the only One who truly knows her, the only One who is truly in control, and the only One that can truly help her to shine.

Author Interview:

Here’s your chance to market your book.  Describe it.  And why readers should pick it up? 

I smile as I answer this question because my book is actually a book for anyone who wants to “get themselves together” without forcing themselves to do so.  For instance, when you meet the main character, Common Starr, she is in the midst of her challenges.  We all have or have had some challenges in our lives, some brought on by external situations, and some brought on by internal obstacles that we create ourselves.  Nevertheless, we all have the ability to acknowledge who we are, and allow ourselves to make a change for the better.  Stellar, gives the reader the opportunity to laugh and cry at the same time, knowing that our lives could be worst, however, our lives can always get better.

How did your book come to life?

My book came to life in the midst of my process of divorce.  There is a movie I saw when I was a little girl called, “The Witches of Eastwick,” with Jack Nicholson starring.  The line that he spoke was, “There are two things that make a woman bloom, death and divorce…”   I remembered that, and because I had learned over the years that writing is therapeutic, so I decided to write through my pain, so I could “bloom,” and that’s exactly what happened.

Without giving away details, Can you describe one interesting scene in your book in less than two sentences?

Common reads a letter from her mother that one would think would set her on the right track, but she misinterprets the true meaning of her mother’s words.  For a moment, her life gets much better; however, it isn’t long before her life becomes worse than ever. 

Who is you favorite character in your book and why?

My favorite character doesn’t even have a name, she’s mentioned as “the production assistant” by Common.  However, she plays a major role because she reminds Common of something her mother once said, and it motivates Common to make a most necessary change in her own life. 

How did you name your characters?

I wanted my characters names to be simple, but with meaning, so Common Starr, is just that, “common” meaning everyone can relate to her in some kind of way.  Another character, Christian Savory, is just that, he’s a good man, the kind that every woman wants.  The maid, Consuela Estravar, who plays a major role in Common’s life, is basically the name of the maid that I always daydreamed about having ever since I was nine-years-old and believed (still believing!) I would be rich from being a best-selling author! 

Are the characters in your books based on people you know?

Definitely.  Many situations that the main character goes through and the people that she is in relationship with have been a major part of my life, however, I embellished.

Who designed the cover?

Infinity Publishing!  I had three different people say that they would design my cover, but when my manuscript was complete, not one had delivered.  Cover design was included in the package with Infinity Publishing, so I decided to take them up on it.  I wanted the book to be “judged by its cover,” and it is, literally!  I love it, and so do others.  I have had people buy the book, simply because they think the cover is appealing.  Thank you Infinity Publishing!

Did you learn anything from writing your book that was unexpected? 

Yes, I did, and still am.  I had no idea of the fact that so many people want to write a book.  An author friend of mine says, “Authors are the new rock stars!”  People think that I am some incredible individual to be able to complete a task such as this. I have discovered that everyone has a story to tell, so now I help others write theirs.  

Why do you write?  Is it something you’ve always done, or always wanted to do?

Writing is an escape for me. I write because I just can’t help it. It makes me feel good!  When I discovered that my writing makes others feel good, as well, I felt even better.  

What are your thoughts on self-publishing verses traditional publishing?

I totally love self-publishing!  Maintaining my rights is extremely important to me.  I’m an entrepreneur, so hard work doesn’t bother me, as a matter of fact, it is most rewarding.  Although I’ve had to put marketing my book on the back burner while I built-up my production company, I am now able to move forward.  It’s as if my book has been given a second life, so I’m excited!  Self-publishing allows me to do this.  

Why did you decide to publish with Infinity Publishing?

I knew for a fact that I wanted to self-publish my book, so after researching several companies over a period of time, I decided that Infinity Publishing had the best to offer as far as price, benefits, and marketing potential.  The staff was very courteous and friendly towards me, so I knew that they would be the same towards potential customers, which is very important to me.


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