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Book Cover Differentiation—Knowing the Options

Posted by Sherrie Wilkolaski on Wed, May 30, 2012 @ 09:00 AM

by Chris Master

Everyone has a story to tell. And sharing that story is what compels writers to write. In the journey to becoming an author, however, a truer statement would be that everyone has a story to sell. Big Life Lessons resized 600

As mentioned in previous book cover design blogs, your cover art is your first and best piece of marketing material for your book. Because the cover is so important, serious consideration must be given to picking the correct publisher from a design standpoint. Anyone who has done even 10 minutes of research on Google understands that there are a great many companies in the market offering publishing services. While differences within their services and product offerings can vary significantly, a little more research will reveal that most of these companies do not differ when it comes to designing a cover.

Most self-publishing companies will design for free a generic book cover using a stale, pre-existing template (with “customized” options like choosing the yellow text on the blue background versus blue text on a yellow background.) Frankly, this is the car dealership version of cover creation—the same make and model, different colors. This is not the Infinity Publishing way.

Xianne resized 600Understanding the limited and unprofessional appearance inherent in this type of “design,” some companies will also offer custom cover design services—for an added expense, of course—using an outsourced professional/freelance designer some from as far away as India. Naturally, the chances of direct interaction with that designer are next to none. This, again, is not the Infinity Publishing way.

Understanding the Infinity Publishing Advantage

What sets Infinity Publishing apart from our competitors is that we have our own in-house custom cover design team. Our lead designer alone has over 11 years of book cover design experience. Even more amazing is that Infinity Publishing gives you a custom cover as a FREE component within our standard publishing package.

Every Infinity Publishing created design is unique to the book it houses. No design templates are used. Ever. We utilize a vast database of art to create our designs. UsinA view from sarasota resized 600g your specific input, we try to create a design that is the best possible representation of your book. While we do not employ illustrators, we do go to great lengths to bring an author’s work to life visually. From fonts to images to backgrounds to layout, we treat each book as an individual. Only by comparing your book to 5 or 25 or 1000 of our books side-by-side can you actually begin to understand how distinctive your design truly is.

Infinity Publishing’s creative team takes immeasurable pride in delivering a design that appeals to both the author and the customer. It is what drives us. It is what sets us apart. But you don’t have to take my word for it. I welcome you to do the research for yourself and discover how the Infinity Publishing differentiation can benefit your title.

To see the caliber of our book cover design work, check out our Book Cover Design Gallery.


chris bioChristopher Master works as the Lead Cover Designer at Infinity Publishing. With 10+ years of cover design experience, he has amassed a design portfolio of well over 1000 book covers. 

He has been married to his intelligent and very patient wife for nearly a decade. In 2010, they welcomed their first child, Sylvie, who is a now toddling machine. A few years back, Christopher published a collection of humorous true childhood stories entitled Tiny Cracker Zoo.  Between work, family and freelance design, he strives to find the time to pursue writing a second book, this one focusing, perhaps, on the misadventures of  new fatherhood.

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