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An Insider’s View into What Authors Really Want in a Publisher

Posted by Sherrie Wilkolaski on Thu, May 24, 2012 @ 09:00 AM

by Laura Pici  

Zsuzsanna KilianChances are if you’re a new author looking to publish your book, you’re finding yourself a little overwhelmed with options. While self-publishing has allowed millions of un-published writers see their dreams of publication come true, it has also created some confusion (at best) and occasionally disappointment (at worst). What seems to be the deciding factor to an author’s smooth and successful book launch? The right publishing company.   

I have worked with new authors at Infinity Publishing for 5 years now, and have heard the gamut of issues that a new author can face when trying to debut their “baby” to the world. From finicky computers losing files to finding the best way to market once the book is complete, authors have a lot to think about when they’re ready to publish. One thing they shouldn’t have to worry about is their publisher. A publisher should help an author GAIN, not drain.  

Here is what to look for in a publishing partner:  

  1. Generosity. A good publisher is working with you throughout the entire process, not just churning out a book and forgetting about the rest. They should be generous with time and service, to not only create the best possible book, but also create a positive experience from proof to publication to distribution

  1. Assistance.  One of the most frequent complaints I hear from authors is that they can’t get a hold of their publisher. Every call ends in a voicemail, or dialing that “customer service” number takes you continents away. At Infinity Publishing we assign you one person – one point of contact – to handle all of your questions, concerns, and inquiries. This way you always know what’s happening with your book, no matter where it may be in the process. You can also rest assured that the assistance you receive is 100% U.S. based – you can even visit us in person if you’re in the neighborhood! 

  1. Insight.  Being a novice author shouldn’t have to mean you’re figuring everything out alone. Ever wondered which size book is best for you? How about the best way to reach your core reader demographic? The staff of your publishing company should be able to offer wisdom from experience. It’s not a chore for us to answer your questions and make the best suggestions because we’ve likely dealt with it before. As a 5 year veteran of Infinity Publishing, I’m actually one of the newer employees here, which means you can feel confident that you’re getting the best advice and service from people that have published and sold literally thousands of books in every genre possible. From author advocates to cover designers to our marketing team, we’ve provided authors with the insight to avoid some of publishing’s pitfalls, and sail through to a successful book. 

  1. Name. Your publisher’s name will appear on your book, so don’t you want that to be a name that garners respect and showcases quality? The author/publisher relationship is a partnership, and the interests should be mutual. Infinity Publishing takes pride in each and every title we put forth.

Your success is our success, and our efforts are focused on maintaining our good name, while helping you create your own good (and hopefully soon-to-be renowned) name in the book world.

Who will you trust to publish your title?  We hope you consider Infinity Publishing!


Laura Pici - Author Advocate Infinity PublishingLaura Pici has been with Infinity Publishing for 5 years, working with new authors daily as an Author Advocate. She graduated fromTexas Christian University in 2005, and after a brief stint in California, has been in thePhiladelphia area ever since. When not working, she enjoys life with her boyfriend, young son, and extended family. If by chance she finds actual “free” time, Laura indulges in reading books and magazines, (occasionally) exercising, and finding ways to make “bad” food healthier.

Image courtesy of Zsuzsanna Kilian.


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