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Author Interview: Kris Sedersten

Posted by Peter Gonzales on Sat, Jun 09, 2012 @ 09:58 AM

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(Check out book trailer video below.)

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Lost Mojo

For six small-town teenagers, it begins with a senior class video project and the sudden disappearance of two of their own.  Researching urban legends in their hometown leads them to an isolated farmhouse—haunted by its dark secrets, the discovery of unmarked graves, and more paranormal activity than they ever could have imagined.

For Clay County Sheriff, Drew Connor, Tony Morgan, and the mysterious Ranier brothers, it began decades earlier when missing persons and violent murder first tainted the quiet countryside.  The evil still lives…hidden…waiting.

Their fates entwine in an epic Halloween clash of good versus evil as the dark energy returns to bring demonic forces to life through ritualistic sacrifice.

Author interview:

Q. What excites you most about your book’s topic? Why did you choose it?

A. I have always been fascinated with the paranormal and the idea that a part of the human personality survives physical death.  I am a paranormal researcher in my spare time and as the founder of Synergy Paranormal Investigations, Harvard, NE. I spend nearly every weekend out searching haunted locations for evidence of the paranormal. I love ghost stories!  We all tend to write about what we know and have passion for. I can’t imagine writing about anything else. I also enjoy sharing my faith so my books give me an opportunity to do that as well.

Q. How long did the book take you from start to finish?

A. I have spent another eight months working on this book in addition to the original three months it took to put it together in the first place.  Altogether, it took nearly one year to complete.

Q. What aspect of writing the book did you find particularly challenging?

A. The hardest part of writing is the editing.  When you go back through the manuscript and decide what to leave in and what to take out.  Every paragraph should move the story along when you are trying to build dramatic tension.  Once in awhile you find a great piece of prose that you really like but it isn’t really necessary to the story line.  Thus, the dilemma; do you keep it or throw it out?  Generally, it has to go!  Sometimes I will write it down and save it for another day.

Q. What surprised you the most about the book writing process?

A.  I was most surprised by the excitement of the creative process.  When the creative juices are flowing and everything is falling into place it is an exhilarating experience.  It can have its ups and downs but the highs are amazing.

Q. Did you have any favorite experiences when writing Lost Mojo?

A. When I was writing this book, my favorite thing was sharing it with my friends one section at a time.  I would write a few chapters, try to leave them with a cliffhanger chapter, then; make them wait until I wrote a few more chapters.  They drove me crazy wanting the next piece of the manuscript.  It was so fun.  That was incredibly motivating for me; like a supply and demand writing spree.

Q. What do you hope your readers will gain from reading your book?

A. I hope they will think about the power of faith in their lives.  Prayer and trust in God can help us straighten out the unexpected curves life throws at us.  We may not ever run into horrific demonic entities in the flesh but we all have our metaphoric demons to contend with.  Faith can help us tackle those as well.  I must admit though; I love a good scare.  I hope my book makes the reader have a few chills up and down their spines along the way too.

Q. What projects are you currently working on?

A. I am working on the third installment of the Mojo Series.  I originally planned to write a trilogy; publishing one book per year.  However, the third book will not be completed by next summer.  I am changing it up quite a bit from its original outline. The muse is definitely not satisfied thus far!  I am also working on a Non-Fiction paranormal research book that will be based on Synergy’s case files.  I’m incredibly excited about the prospect of sharing my experiences and regaling real-world ghost hunting adventures.

Q. Is writing your sole career? If not, what else do you do?

A. No. I work full time as a Nursing Home Administrator and RN Consultant.  I am also the founder of Synergy Paranormal Investigations, Harvard,NE.   I have always wanted to be a part of the paranormal research community.  In January of 2011 I made the decision to form the group and jump in with both feet.  It has been an amazing ride!  I have also had the opportunity to become a producer for Nebraska’s longest running Paranormal radio program, Exploring Unexplained Phenomena, with host, Scott Colborn, at KZUM in Lincoln, NE.  Scott has amazing guests on the program and it has been so educational for me.  Exposure to some of the experts in the field has given me additional information and insight into the realm of paranormal exploration.

author sidebar kris small resized 600Q. Did you do any research for your books, or did you write from experience?

A.  I did do some research about demons, and ghost hunting but mostly I wrote from experience.  The next installment of the series should have the latest tools in paranormal investigation such as the “ghost box” and lasers to help the characters in their work.

Q. How did you come up with your title?

A. The first book, Mojo, was all about finding the mojo—with a few twists along the way.  It only seemed right, in the prequel, to address how the mojo was lost.  It was very difficult to find the right title but in the end Lost Mojo fit the bill.

Q. What books have influenced you the most?

A.  My favorite author of all time is now and will always be Stephen King.  All of his early books probably influenced me the most.  I especially loved The Stand, It, Tommyknockers, and Pet Cemetary.

Q. Who was your publisher and why did you choose them?

A. I chose Infinity publishers.  When I was researching self publishing options, Infinity was listed as being one of the most author friendly publishers.  I decided to try them.

To listen to Kris' radio interview about the paranormal on Courage Cocktail, click here.


Kris Sedersten is a Nursing Home Administrator and RN Consultant in her home town of Harvard, Ne. where she lives with her husband, Paul.  They enjoy spending time with family, especially their three daughters and eight grandchildren. Kris loves dogs, horses, cats and walking. Kris has a passion for all things paranormal.  In her spare time, she leads a paranormal research team, Synergy Paranormal Investigations, and works as a producer on Nebraska’s longest running paranormal radio program, Exploring Unexplained Phenomena, with host Scott Colborn.  She enjoys writing paranormal fiction and sharing her faith in unconventional forums.  Combining her passions has led to a series of books she is working on titled, The Mojo Series.  If you’ve got Mojo, stayed tuned for upcoming releases.

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