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Top five reasons to buy your book...ListMyFive - Day 8

Posted by Sherrie Wilkolaski on Fri, Jan 20, 2012 @ 11:58 AM

by Sherrie Wilkolaski  

We’re in the final stretch of our 13 day social media challenge.  We’ve spent the last week getting the basic social media accounts established.  For day #8 I thought it would be good to put into practice using content in conjunction with your new social media tools like Twitter and Facebook.   One of the most effective ways to promote your content, which in turn helps to promote your platform as an author and your ability as a writer, is via social media.  Let’s talk about creating a list of the top five reasons to buy your book on  listmyfive resized 600

What is is a website and publishing vehicle, with a format of listing five reasons to like something, do something or “how to” do something.  For an author it is a great resource to list five reasons why someone would want to read your book.   

Why post content on another website, why not just use my blog?

In addition to your own blog, you want to continually be posting content out on the web and then linking back to your own personal website.  It will help with your own site traffic and the more in-bound links you have to your website, partnered with your social media presence on Twitter, Facebook, etc. will create the right formula for organic online growth.  It’s also added exposure to promote your work.    

How do I use ListMyFive to promote my book?

You want to create a list of the top five reasons why someone would want to buy your book.  Focus on one title.  If you have more than one book, create a list for each individual title.  As an author, you know your work the best.  Call out the top things about your book that make it a good read.  Get creative. There is no right or wrong way to promote your book.  Once you've published your ListMyFive list, send out a link to your list via Twitter and Facebook.

Bonus:  Once you create this top five list, repurpose the content and post this list on your own website.  

Today’s social media challenge task of the day. 

  1. Create an account at   

  2. Set-up your profile in your ListMyFive account.  Be sure to add your author photo and a link back to your own personal website.

  3. Once you have your account set-up, connect with Infinity Publishing and give us a “high five” on this page:  

  4. Post a link to your ListMyFive page below in the comments section so you get added exposure.

  5. Promote your list via Twitter and Facebook.

  Infinity Publishing’s gift to you.  We will give your list a high five!  high vive resized 600

Tomorrow learn all about Shelfari (Challenge #9)

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