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The Perfect Back Cover Blurb

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4 Tips to Building Your Non-Fiction Fan Base With Facebook Live

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The 3 Essential Tactics for Authors to Sell More Books on Amazon?

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BookTube: A Key Influencer for Book Marketing

Do You Write Children's Books? Bring Those Concepts to Adults

7 Ways Your Author Website is Annoying Readers (And How to Fix It)

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25 Step Book Marketing Plan: To Achieve Market Saturation

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3 Ways for Authors to Engage and Win Over Reporters and Bloggers?

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How To Get Your Writing Edge Back Through Interviews

Great Ideas for the 12 Days of Author Christmas

5 Critical Elements in Author Branding

5 Things Authors Can Learn From The Martian

The Author's Guide to Instagram Book Marketing

Don't Let Writing Perfection Be the Enemy of the Good

6 Reasons for Authors to Use a Pen Name

How to Train Your Dragon: Using Dictation to Turbocharge Your Writing

Play it Safe: 4 Ways Authors Can to Back Up Their Work

How to Maximize Your Writing with an Author Accountability Partner

How to Use Social Media Quizzes to Promote Your Book

5 Lessons Authors Can Learn From Back to School Time

How to Find a Bigger Book Audience by Selling eZines

7 Ways to Self-Sabotage Your Author Blog

25 Keys to Creating a Compelling Author Website

5 Ways Authors Can Get the Most Out of Google

3 Tips to Grow Your Non-Fiction Audience by Creating Online Courses

5 More Tips on Writing Books for Kids

4 Signs You've Gone to the Dark Side: Black Hat Book Marketing

instaFreebie: The Safer Way to Send Free Book Review Copies

You're Setting the Wrong Goals: 5 Practical Planning Tips for Authors

8 Great Ways to Market Your Audiobooks

5 Ways to Share Your Book Promotional Video With the World

4 Pro Tips for Indie Authors to Win Over BookBub

4 Ways Authors Can Give Back

How to Get Book Reviews Without Annoying the Reviewers

Promoting Your Children's Book With Style

4 Facts All Writers Wish Their Loved Ones Knew About Their Work

5 Group Marketing Tips: Book Promotion as a Team Effort

7 Self-Publishing Tips From Authors Who Made it Big

Is Text Messaging the New Book Marketing Star?

5 Author Marketing Techniques - A Waste of Time if Not Done Right

10 Steps to Effective Author Videos

4 TED Talks Authors Need to Watch

The Essential 10-Point Plan for Marketing Your Ebook

Dropcards -- A New Way to Sell E-Books and Audiobooks

6 Ways to Procrastinate And Help Your Writing

How to Energize Back List Sales Without Writing a Word

Learning Your Craft: 10 Top Online Classes Writers Should Check Out

Top 10 Habits to Become a More Productive Author

How to Guarantee Higher Book Sales with the Right Keywords

10 Ways to Deal With Hand Pain While Writing

You Said What? How to Use Controversy to Promote Your Non-fiction Book

Author Dilemma: How to Finish Your Darn Book

myWriteClub: A Fun Way to Increase Your Writing Productivity

List Building Basics for Authors - with MailChimp

How to Grow Your Non-Fiction Sales Through Niche Media

3 Solid Ideas for Children's Book Marketing

10 Great Books About Writing for Authors

3 Creative Techniques for Finding Your Next Novel Plot

13 Tips for Authors to Take Social Media to the Next Step

How to Use Amazon to Choose Your Non-Fiction Title

10 Author Focused Apps You Never Knew You Needed

Hook Your Reader With Book Design Tips to Write By

Slideshare: A Unique Book Marketing Tool for Non-Fiction Writers

Revisiting Facebook: New Methods for Book Marketing

How to Increase Book Sales by Optimizing Your Categories

How To Write a Killer Book Blurb: The Non-Fiction Edition

5 Key Elements Of An Ideal Fiction Book Blurb

10 Reasons to Go to a Writer's Conference This Year

How an Author Q&A Can Energize Your Book Marketing

10 Top Websites Authors Don't Even Know They Need

Does Your Blog have Book Potential?

3 Tips On How Authors Can Work With a Virtual Assistant

Collaboration: New Author Marketing That Can Bring Income

10 Creative Blogging Topics: What Should Authors Write About?

Tips For Keeping An Organized Book Portfolio To Keep Sales Alive!

Joomag: Creative Book Marketing with Custom Magazines

4 Retro Tips: Low Tech Book Marketing That Works

Medium: A More Personal Book Marketing Approach

Quick Tips for Authors on How to Build a Fan Base with Instagram Using Audio

Steller Stories: Social Site for Authors to Share Mini-Stories & Excerpts

6 Indie Author Errors And How to Avoid Them

5 Attributes That separate Top Indie Authors From The Pack

7 Effective Ways to Pre-Market Your Next Book

5 New Social Media Sites for Book Marketing

It's Tax Time! 10 Plus Tax Deductions for Authors & Writers

Newsletter vs Blog: Author's Choice

Create An Author & Book Media Kit: A Compelling Story?

How Authors Use "The Groundhog Day Effect" To Stimulate Sales

Episodic Books: A Centuries Old Idea That Works Today

8 Secrets Every Writer & Author Should Know

7 Top New Year's Resolutions for Authors

The Working/Writing Vacation: Increased Productivity or Too Much Multitasking?

Gifts Authors Can Give to Their Fans

4 Tips On How To Choose Your Writing Mentor

How to Build A Street Team: An Author's Best Set of Friends!

Unique Book Marketing to Increase Revenue: Multi-Author Bundles

Special Gifts for Special Authors: Part II

3 Ways Authors Gain from Getting Back to Nature

How to Think Like a Publisher To Achieve Market Success

4 Lessons For Authors From NaNoWriMo to Use All Year Long

Tips For Introverted Self Published Authors To Make How-To Books Shine

5 Ways for Self Published Authors to Earn Multiple Streams of Income

Bookarma: New Author Marketing Tool that Pays Forward

15 Gifts Writers and Authors Need on Their Holiday Lists

Sharing Your Words: 5 Places to Give Book Readings

Are Pitches and Agents Obsolete? Is Self Publishing Here to Stay?

3 Tips On Mobile Apps for Self-Published Authors

4 Thoughts From Maya Angelou About Writing

How to Use Booktrack: A Unique Marketing Concept

4 Tips to Go From Author to Entreprenuer

3 Easy Steps to Creating a Powerful Book Trailer

4 Tips to Create Your Own Real-World Writing Group

How Frequently Should You Share (And Publish!) Your Writing?

Writing for the Ear: Can Audiobooks Improve Your Work?

What Self-published Authors Should Do About a Bad Review

How to Throw a Book Launch Party for Sales Out of the Gate

How to Create a Winning Formula in Your Non-Fiction Niche

4 Ways to Ring in the Holiday Season with a Book Marketing Strategy

4 Tips On Using Instagram to Motivate Book Purchasers

It’s An Even More Amazing Time To Be a Published Author!

5 Things Outlander Teaches Authors About Persevering

4 Tips On Alter Ego Marketing to Bring Your Character to Life

Self Publishing Success: 3 Key Actions To Find Your Readers

Is Crowdfunding the Right Move for Authors?

How to Write a Killer Hook to Spice Up Your Book

How to Market to Unusual Groups Who May Love Your Books

Maximize Your Book PR Spend: Recruit Bloggers Like A Shepherd!

4 Things "Not To Do" When Writing a Novel (+ Tips From Hemingway)

25 Book Marketing Sites: Reach Out and Touch Them!

Tips To Engage Your Readers With Google Hangouts: Author Test Drive!

The Writer's Workout: 5 Exercises to Keep You Healthy at Your Desk

3 Writing Tips From Successful Authors : May the 4th be With You!

How to Create the Perfect Writing Environment

4 Tips to Maximize Sales on BookBub and Others...

4 Tips on How to Market Your Book on Facebook Without Being Annoying

4 Steps to Writing a Great Blurb: Make or Break Time

5 Things Every Author Can Learn From Jack Bauer

How to Engage and Market with Your Book Subtitle

4 Ways to A Perfect Book Title

5 Tips to Hit a Bullseye on Your Cover: Your Book's First Impression

5 Capabilities Your Author Website Can't Do Without

Quick Tips to Find Those Elusive Book Reviewers

3 Ways Authors Can Find the "Zone" : Fake it 'Til You Feel It

3 Great Ideas to Make Your Back Matter Work for You!

Authors Step Out of Your Comfort Zone: Create Your Own Radio Show!

How Many Editors Does An Author Need?

10 Quick Ways to a Become Famous in Your Genre: Author Discipline

Audiobooks - An Amazing Untapped Market for Self Published Authors

1 - Surefire Way to Hook Your Readers for Life: E-mail Marketing

3 Unusual Book Marketing Methods That Really Work

How to Build and Market Your Non-Fiction Book: Articles and Essays!

How to Write More in Less Time : And Keep the Quality

How to Create an Author Mastermind Group: Absorb Success!

A Writers Fix for Plot Block or Derailment: Interview Your Characters

The Breakfast of "Champion Authors": Serial Novels are on Fire!

5 Tips to Create a Book Signing: Plus How to Achieve Awesome!

How to Use Rafflecopter to Increase Book Sales: A Novel Idea...

Energize a Tribe of Readers on Pinterest: A Core Author Strategy

Author Tweeting: Top Tips to Tweet Your Way to Better Book Sales

5 Places to Grow Your Author Clips: The Meat and Potatoes

How to Create Your Own Blog Tour: A "Core" Self Publishing Event

4 Reasons to Stop Submitting and Start Self-Publishing: Believe!

Top Cures for Common Writing Productivity Killers

A Plotter or a Pantser: Published Author or Writer it Pays to Know!

Publish for your Reading Audience: Find the Fish and Feed Them!

4 Ways to Brave the Goodreads Jungle: Make it Your Marketing Ally

4 Techniques to Grow Your Tribe When You Write Non-Fiction

Author Beware: Real World Strategies for Dealing With Time Vampires

Create a Book Series Funnel: With Built in Increasing Sales

6 Tips To Make Writing a Priority in Your Life

3 Tips For Organizing & Launching Your Online Book Marketing Tour

Tips for Finding Your Writing Niche and Getting Paid for It

Author Unknown - Happy New Year Thought...

3 Reasons Writers Don't Finish their Manuscripts and How to Overcome Them

How to Attract a Built-In Audience for Your Book Before it's Published

From Blog to Book: Giving Your Readers What They Want

Top Reasons Writing Conferences Can Benefit New Authors

5 Helpful Writing Tools for Independent Authors

No Time to Write Your Book? 6 Ways to Carve Out an Hour Each Day

Backlist Book Marketing -- Making the Older Books Shine

Twelve Tips on How to Structure Your Self-Help Business Book

John Allison author of Saturday Night at Sarah Joy’s

How to Create Great Marketing Content

Content Marketing - A Natural and Powerful Way to Market Your Book

Plan a Holiday Book Party

The Writing Life: Writing as a Business

Featured Infinity Author of the Week: Carol Welsh

Marketing Goal of the Week...Use Your Book As A Business Card!

Impossibility Battles

I Prey on Evil: The Adventures of an Oversized Hillbilly And One Sassy Angel

Infinity Publishing New Titles Just Released..October 25, 2013

Make Time To Write Blogs

How to Analyze Your Website Traffic

Featured Infinity Author of the Week: J.J. Castagna

Marketing Goal of the Week...Send Out ARCs!

The Republic V. Obama and Progressives

Monsters and Miracles: Henry Bergh's America

Infinity Publishing New Titles Just Released..October 18, 2013

Top 5 Online Tools for Authors to Manage Their Book Business

Writer's Block: The Symptoms and the Cure

Featured Infinity Author of the Week: Ron Gardner

Marketing Goal of the Week...Publish Your eBook!

New Beginnings

Running Out of Dirt: Second Edition - Hardcover

Infinity Publishing New Titles Just Released..October 11, 2013

What Can You Do With Your Extra Books?

Common Proofreading Finds

Featured Infinity Author of the Week: Sharon Miner

Marketing Goal of the Week...Get a Personalized Marketing Plan!

I, Poetic Confessions, II

John Bard's History of the Old Bucktails

Infinity Publishing New Titles Just Released..October 4, 2013

How To Write A Fantastic Book Synopsis

Don't Starve for Your Art

Featured Infinity Author of the Week: S. B. MacDonald

Marketing Goal of the Week...Update Your Amazon Author Central Page!

The LightChain Chronicles: Book One: White


Infinity Publishing New Titles Just Released..September 27, 2013

How to Target the Library Market

Keep The Creativity Flowing

Featured Infinity Author of the Week: Jane M. Martin

Marketing Goal of the Week...Write Your Next Book!

Jesse's River Crossing

Pomona Valley Poetry

Infinity Publishing New Titles Just Released..September 20, 2013

CD in a Book™ Program

Make It Happen!

Featured Infinity Author of the Week: Will Hutchison

Marketing Goal of the Week...Go Guerilla!

Cluttered Lives, Empty Souls: Compulsive Stealing, Spending, and Hoarding

William Longman Author of The Dragon Among Us

Infinity Publishing New Titles Just Released..September 13, 2013

Writing A Book Review Request

7 Tips on How to Build a Platform as an Expert

Featured Infinity Author of the Week: Bob O'Connor

Marketing Goal of the Week...Make The Best of Your Book Cover!

Beyond My Father's Farm

Anatomy of a Figure Skating Injury

Infinity Publishing New Titles Just Released..September 6, 2013

Tips To Create An Appealing Author Website

Debut Author’s Survival Guide

An Angel in Brooklyn Heights

Infinity Publishing New Titles Just Released..August 30, 2013

Be Inspired: Famous Quotes

An Author’s Guide to a Successful Media Kit

Featured Infinity Author of the Week: Leonard Renier

Marketing Goal of the Week...Create An Audiobook!

Jay Thomas Willis Author of Educated Misunderstanding

Points of Origin

Infinity Publishing New Titles Just Released..August 23, 2013

Infinity Publishing Holiday Book Sales Offer!

How to Be a Rock Star Radio Guest

Why is Everyone Selling My Book Except Me?

Featured Infinity Author of the Week: Linda Kissam

Marketing Goal of the Week...Book A Radio Interview!

Eye of the Storm

James A. Browning Author of BPO & REO Simplified: How To Work With Asset Managers

Infinity Publishing New Titles Just Released..August 16, 2013

Give Thanks: Show Your Appreciation!

Is There a Special Hook to Your Marketing Plan?

Featured Infinity Author of the Week: Kris Sedersten

Marketing Goal of the Week...Get Ready for Holiday Book Sales!

Peter C. BonSey Author of Playing The Cards You've Been Dealt Trilogy

L.J. Kaufman Author of It's Never a Secret

Infinity Publishing New Titles Just Released..August 9, 2013

Use Banner Ads To Take Book Promos To The Next Level

Writing My Book “Golf Tournaments 101”

Featured Infinity Author of the Week: Julian Gladstone

Marketing Goal of the Week…Refer A Friend!

John Allison Author of Saturday Night at Sarah Joy's

The Ghosts of Company G

Infinity Publishing New Titles Just Released..August 2, 2013

No Such Thing As Free Publicity? Authors Take Notice...

Use this Book Marketing Tool to Reach a Potential 500M Buyers

Featured Infinity Author of the Week: Lois Stern

Marketing Goal of the Week… Sell Some Books!

Mia Merran Author of A Burning Call

14er Fan Club

Infinity Publishing New Titles Just Released..July 26, 2013

Identifying the Publishing Package That’s Right For Your Book

Summertime is a Great Time to Market Your Book

Featured Infinity Author of the Week: Maralyn D. Hill

Marketing Goal of the Week...A Guide to Social Media

Catesby: Eyewitness to the Civil War

Big Life Lessons From That Still, Small Voice

Infinity Publishing New Titles Just Released..July 19, 2013

Judging a Book By Its Cover

Welcome to the Talented Midwest

Featured Infinity Author of the Week: Kathy Gruver

Marketing Goal of the Week…Go Back in Time


Willie Hyde Author of Paddles the Amazing Rabbit

Infinity Publishing New Titles Just Released..July 12, 2013

We're Celebrating Henry David Thoreau's Birthday...Will You Join Us?

Why Research Your Characters – You Already Know Them, Don’t You?

Exclusive July Offers for Authors You Don’t Want to Miss

Featured Infinity Author of the Week: Sylvia Lafair

Marketing Goal of the Week...Add Your Phone Number!

Greg Clendenin Author of The Clendenin Massacre

Tim Hanson-Mayer Author of How Life Is: A Search for Meaning

Turn on the TODAY SHOW...Infinity Author Sylvia Lafair on at 10am

Happy 4th of July Authors!

Social Media Pet Peeves

Featured Infinity Author of the Week: Robert Lloyd Russell

Marketing Goal of the Week...Become a Guest Blogger!

Paul David III Author of Brave Americans

Big Summer Journal

Infinity Publishing New Titles Just Released..June 28, 2013

Three Book Marketing Social Media Tools

An Author's Guide: The Do's & Don'ts of Twitter

Featured Infinity Author of the Week: Daeshin Kim

Marketing Goal of the Week: Open Your Virtual Storefront

Suffering Seacil by Author Terry P. Rizzuti

Jeffrey Mark Paull, author of A Noble Heritage

Is This January by Afton R. Lambert

Infinity Publishing New Titles Just Released..June 21, 2013

Is Your Book Cover In Need of a Facelift?

Get Your Book Into to the Gift Bags at The International Emmy® Awards

Featured Infinity Author of the Week: Tom Starita

Book Marketing Goal of the Week...Become the NEXT Featured Author of the Week

Books That Are Father-focused

Mel Lewis Author of The Guide Book for Charity Fundraiser and Corporate Golf Tournaments

Infinity Publishing New Titles Just Released..June 14, 2013

How Not to Get a Book Reviewed

Birthing a Book

Featured Infinity Author of the Week: April Brucker

Book Marketing Goal of the Week…eBooks

Author Interview: P.A. Clark

Author Interview: Mark A. Cooper, Edelweiss Pirates

Infinity Publishing New Titles Just Released..June 7, 2013

10 Easy Tips for Improving Your Author Website

Book Marketing Goal of the Week…Global Distribution

Author Interview: Morris George, Sheitan's Tango

Saturday Night at Sarah Joy's

Infinity Publishing New Titles Just Released..May 31, 2013

Book Review Tips for Authors

Developing Your Author Platform

Featured Infinity Author of the Week: Diana Bellrose

Book Marketing Goal of the Week Monitoring Your Book Buzz

Author Interview: S.L. Fummerton, Thaumaturge

For Honor An Adventure of What Might Have Been

Infinity Publishing New Titles Just Released...May 24, 2013

Insight on Book Reviews...

What Are Bookstores Looking For?

Featured Infinity Author of the Week: Karen Jayne

Book Marketing Goal of the Week…Book Reviews

New Star Trek Movie Provides Book Marketing Opportunity

Author Interview: Dennis B. Sullivan, The Senior & Boomer’s Guide

Infinity Publishing New Titles Just Released...

Publishing Teamwork

Marketing by Wandering Around

Author Interview: Nancy L. Preston, After Sybil...

Don't Let Life Get in the Way of Your Book

Free Book Trailer Promotion

The Infinity Publishing Difference for Indie Authors

Author Interview: Gary L. Watts, 100 Marketing Trade Secrets

Why Research Your Next Book - You Know The Subject Matter Don’t You?

But the President Wants Meatloaf!

A Valentine for Your Readers

Books Are Everywhere Waiting to Be Written

Author Interview: Sonya Privette-James, The New Members' Handbook for the Christian Believer

Author Interview: Erik Petterson, Leap of Faith

Author Interview: Sandy Logan, Twin Justice Survived

Writing is an Art and a Craft

Promote Your Book, “The missing link”

Successful Book Marketing

Author Interview: J. L. Moore, Standing True to our God?

Author Interview: Claudette Carrida Jeffrey, A Brown Paper Bag and A Fine Tooth Comb

What They Think They Know About Books

New Books Getting Listed on Amazon and Other Distribution Channels…How Does it Work?

Author Interview: Catherine C. Brooks, War Brought Trials and Anxiety at Home and Overseas

Type, Edit, Scream, Delete, Type Again...Confessions of an Author

10 Websites That Offer Free Marketing Resources for Authors

The Top Five Tips for Writing a Bestselling Novel

Author Interview: CiajDiann Harris

Book Preview: Paper Mill Mangle: A Suzanne Sharp, RN, Mystery

Authors Helping Authors

Book Excerpt: Twin Justice Survived: Our Stories of Bullying

Infinity Publishing Author is Transforming Lives

Happy New Year Authors...

Book Preview: About Face by Ko Tan

Book Awards Tips

Book Excerpt: Two Ways to Sunday by Tom Starita

Author Interview: Dianna Bellerose, Fire and Ice

Author’s Guide to Publishing

12 Month Book Marketing Plan

Author Interview: S.A. Van, Counterplay and Counteract

Young Marines Save Christmas

Author Interview: Toni Elizabeth Sar’h Petrinovich, Divining Truth

We Want to Hear About Your Book

Give the Gift of Publishing!

What is Print-on-demand?

Author Interview: Joel Schwartz, To Pee or Not to Pee

Popular Holiday Christmas Books...

Author Interview: G.H. Sherrer, The Keeper Chronicles

Author Interview: Donald L. Reavis, Human Interference

2012-2013 eBook Awards Early Bird Deadline - November 30

Authors Tell Santa What You REALLLY Want for Christmas...Book Sales

Publishing – The Good, the Great and the More Difficult

Amazon Author Central Account Issues...

Historical Thanksgiving Cookery

“I want to sell a million copies of my book"

Expressions of Charity New Book to Support The Giving Tree

Former Baltimore Orioles Baseball Player Turned Author

Political Books to Get You in An Election Day Mood...

The Importance of the Book Title

Author Interview: David Mokotoff, The Moose's Children

Author Interview: Of Love and Evil the Birth

Simple Email Marketing for Authors

Author Interview: Positive Power Secrets from A to Z

Author Interview: The Obsidian Mask

Author Interview: Missing Links to the Culper Spy Ring

Basic Rules for a Successful Author Event

How to Market Your Book on Pinterest

Author Interview: Andrew J. Boyd, Nostalgia: The Way it Really Was

Author Interview: Jeanice Deering, 3470 C.E.

Book Marketing

Witch Hunter by P.J. Farrell

Ghost Stories and Other Tales of Lansdowne

Author Interview: Ross Schriftman, My Million Dollar Mom

Independent Publisher Book Awards 2013 - Early Bird Deadline

Character Development

Amazon Launches New Feature – Amazon Author Rank

Top Ten Reasons Why Your English Teacher-Mother-Neighbor-Friend-Church Secretary Cannot Edit or Proof Your Book

Hometown Book Sales

Indie Horror Spotlight with Horror Author Frank G. Poe, Jr

Publishing Trendsetter - Book-Jobs Not By The Book

Top 5 Tools to Market Your Book on Amazon

Book Review: Terror Time

Book Review: Taste of Guam

Put Your Best Foot Forward by Investing in the Product! (Your Book)

Author Interview: Dawn M. Lightsy, Stellar

Book Review: Ambush in the Alleghenies

Reading, Writing and Self-Publishing

Book Review: Bamboo Byways: Stories of Thailand, Laos and Vietnam


Author Interview: Gary Black, Gyroscope: A Survival of Sepsis

Local Post Offices Make for a Great Book

A Childhood Dream Come True: My Journey to a Career in Publishing

Science Fiction Writing Competition

New York Agents ‘Lost’ in the Ozarks


Book Review: Code Name Sonny

Book Excerpt: Learning to Avoid Unintended Consequences

Author Interview: Lois W. Stern, Sex, Lies and Cosmetic Surgery

The Value of Research for Authors

Confident Public Speaking is Key to Success: An Author’s Story

Must have marketing tool for authors...

Featured Author: Terrence Daryl Shulman

Author Interview: Rick Mussey, author An Attitude of Gratitude

Book Excerpt: Malignant Medical Myths: Why Medical Treatment Causes 200,000 Deaths in the USA Each Year…

Book Review: It's Not a Life Sentence: Liberating Your Self, Becoming Who You Are

Free Books Available for Review - August 17, 2012

Book Excerpt: Real Estate Prospecting: The Ultimate Resource Guide

Book Excerpt: Hungry for Health

Book Excerpt: Teach Your Child the Multiplication Tables: Fast, Fun & Easy with Dazzling Patterns, Grids & Tricks!

Book Review: Realms of Gold: The Colorful Writers of San Francisco 1850-1950

Free Books Available for Review - August 10, 2012

Website Traffic and SEO for Authors

Successful Book Pitching (Part 2)

The Bloody Words Light Mystery Book Award Accepting Submissions

Should you publish an eBook

To Sir With Love

Book Review: A Bone in Her Teeth by Ann McAllister Clark

17th Annual Independent Publisher Book Awards are Now Open

The Power of Email Marketing for Book Promotion & Amazon Sales

Alternative Publishing Opens Door to Television Offer for Author

Successful Book Pitching (Part 1)

Infinity Publishing Author Success Story - Thomas M. Cirignano

Book Review: Molly Lake

Last Call for Entries - Live Now Book Awards

Finding Time to Write

Interview with "Survivors of the Chaos" author Steven M. Moore

Interview: Examining the Author/Self-Publisher Relationship

Book Review: Threads: The Reincarnation of Anne Boleyn by Nell Gavin

10 Reasons You Should Self-publish with Infinity Publishing

5 Most Common Mistakes Authors Make on their Website’s Homepage

Book Review: Defending a King - His Life & Legacy

Author Interview: Jeffra A. Nicholson, The Tao of Mia and Leo

Book Review - 2012: Day of Reckoning

Savvy Authors Are Book Reviewers

Getting Your Writing Noticed

5 Tips to a Successful Book Launch

Using Google Alerts to Sell More Books

Pacific Book Review: The Illegal from Holland by Michael Durack

Interview with Author and Public Speaker Alberta H. Sequeira

Mom's Choice Awards: Category Guide For Book Submission

Teaching Old Authors New Tricks

"Delbert Pillage" Reviewed By Norm Goldman

Author Interview: Kris Sedersten

Book Expo America 2012 Live Video Stream

Myrna Lou Goldbaum – Author Interview

Interview: Susan Haley, Author of Rainy Day People

How to Make the Interior of Your Book Look More Professional

New All-inclusive Publishing Packages with a Classic Twist

Infinity Publishing Female Authors Taking Center Stage

Book Cover Differentiation—Knowing the Options

Authors Write, Book Designers Design: A Word on Basic Formatting

Review: Charley’s Choice – The Life and Times of Charley Parkhurst

Interview with David Friedman, author of 'Fundamentally Different'

A Junior Editor's Advice to the Novice Author

An Insider’s View into What Authors Really Want in a Publisher

Creating a Buzz About Your Book on Amazon

Which Comes First? The Writer or the Author

An Author's Foray into “Telling” Her Story

How to Read Your Nook in the Bathtub

7 Killer Ways Self-published Authors Can Turn Blogging into a Goldmine

Use Amazon’s Search Inside the Book Feature to Sell More Books

10 Tips to Finish Writing Your Book

How to Use Facebook to Market Your Book

Social Media for Authors (Expanded Literature)

Marketing and PR, Twin Requirements

Case Study in Successful Fictional Promotion for First-time Author

Fictional Promotion… How to Get REAL Broadcast Publicity for Your Make-Believe Book

The Difference Between Book Publicity and Advertising

Authors Can Master Book Publicity…Look to the Caddy

Infinity Publishing and IFWTWA Award Open for Entries

She Takes on the World...Indie Author Takes On Amazon!

Did Ernest Hemingway record the world’s first ever book trailer?

Book Marketing Tips for Non-Fiction Authors: Elevating Your Profile with By-Lined Articles

Using Amazon Keyword Tags to Sell More Books

2012 Living Now Book Awards - Call for Entries

Chili Peppers and the Self-Publishing Choice

Free Website Banners for Infinity Publishing Authors

Local Adirondack Authors Marketing Their Books to Travelers

The 2012 Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards are now open!

Book Marketing Madness for Independent Authors

Book Club Members Like Self-published Books

Authors Please Don’t Nag Book Reviewers

Impact of a Video Book Blog

Self-published Authors, Needing Money to Write?

Tips to Writing a Better Children’s Book

Blogging is a Goldmine for Self-published Authors

2012 Bologna Children's Book Fair & 2012 London Book Fairs

Audio Book Publishing Helps to Sell More Books

Getting Book Reviews for the Life of Your Book

Call for Entries – 2012 Independent Publisher Book Awards

Author Using Her Books to Raise Donations

Amazon’s Listmania! Is a Marketing Tool for Authors

Benefits of Self-publishing

Book Editing without a Budget

Making it BIG as an eBook Author

Michael Jackson's Life & Legacy in New Book - Defending A King

For the Love of Writing

Fiction Crime Thriller is Featured Book of the Week

Selling More Books to Your Readers

Why is Amazon Author Central so Important for Authors?

What It Means to Have Writing Style

What is Your Book Marketing Season?

The Importance of Marketing Your Book

Book Cover Design – the Fundamentals Part 2

Pubmatch, going global with your book. Social media challange-Day #13

YouTube for Authors - Social Media Challenge - Day #12

Squidoo online tool for media challenge-Day #11

LinkedIn...Social Media Site for Authors - Day #10

Shelfari a must have social media tool for authors-Day #9

Top five reasons to buy your book...ListMyFive - Day 8

No need to go solo on book promotions

LibraryThing...Social Media for Authors - Day #7

GoodReads...Social Media for Authors - Day #6

Social Media Challenge for Authors - Day #5 - Blog Post

Social Media Challenge for Authors - Day #4 - Posting on Facebook

Lucky 13 Social Media Challenge for Authors - #3 Facebook

Lucky 13 Social Media Challenge for Authors-#2- Tweeting on Twitter

Infinity Publishing’s Lucky 13 Social Media Challenge for Authors

Infinity Publishing’s Lucky 13 Social Media Challenge for Authors-#1 Twitter

The Value of Book Fairs for Independent Authors

Book Signing Checklist for Authors

Top 10 New Year's Marketing Tips for Authors

Seeing the Obvious, Know Your Audience Before You Publish

The Eric Hoffer Book Award: Righting the Wrongs

Happy New Year from Infinity Publishing...

Blogging Tips for Fiction Authors

Why Regional Pitching Can Leverage Big Success

Elle Febbo Uses Best Seller to Raise Awareness

Your Book as Your Business Card: How to Gain a Marketing Advantage by Going Literary

David J. Friedman – A Man with a Plan

Book Marketing Tips for Non-Fiction Authors: Elevating Your Profile with By-Lined Articles

Top 5 Best Gifts to Give an Author

Infinity Publishing Book Signing Event at King of Prussia Mall

Infinity "Art of the Written Word" Event to be held at King of Prussia Mall!

Book Cover Design – the Fundamentals Part 1

Ten Ways to Know if Your (Internet) Marketing is Paying Off

How to Double Your Book Sales on Your Website.

Eco-libris highlights Infinity Book! "Play on Words"

Everything is your Resume

7 Secrets to Getting into Libraries

Infinity Author Mike Pollock reviewed in The Journal Of the American Osteopathic Association Magazine!

Eco-libris highlights Infinity Book! "X-Posed: The Painful Truth Behind Yoga & Pilates"

Marketing Secrets of a Bookstore

Eco-libris highlights Infinity Book! "My Name is Grace"

Three Top Selling Infinity Authors for July 2011

12 Ways to Create a Mailing List that Will Sell Books

Why (some) Authors Fail

12 Secrets to Selling More Books at Events

Authors need to do the Math

Eco-libris highlights Infinity book: "Raven Wings and 13 More Twisted Tales"

8 Secrets for Getting into Bookstores

Three Top Selling Infinity Authors for June 2011

Fifty Things Under $50 Bucks To Promote Your Book

10 Mistakes Authors Make that Can Cost them a Fortune (and how to avoid them)

Eco-libris highlights Infinity books! "Good Management is Not Firefighting"

Top Three Selling Infinity Authors for May 2011

Infinity Authors 2011 IPPY Finalists

Take Your Self Published Book on Vacation with You!!!

Eco-libris highlights Infinity Books - "What Love Is A-Z"

What an amazing time to become a published author!

Eco-libris highlights Infinity books! "The Last Original Idea"

Top Selling April Authors Enhance their Professional Expertise

Ecolibris highlights Infinity books - Buffalo on the Ridge

Infinity author Christopher Holcroft’s “Finding Thomas” reviewed

Former Senator & Infinity Author reviews politics

Writers- Test Your Grammar Skills

Top Selling QVC Host & Author!

Success at the Pearl S. Buck Writer’s Conference!

Top Three Best Selling Authors for March 2011

Understanding Online Bookstores and Virtual Inventories

Selling your Book After It's Published

Come Join Us at the Pearl S. Buck Spring Writer’s Conference

Start Marketing Even Before Publishing Your Book!

Self Publishing Book Authors Unite- National Writers Union

Beyond the Bookstores - Other Profitable Markets for Published Books

When are you finished writing your book???

Three Top Selling Infinity authors for February 2011

How You Too Can Become a Best Selling Author on

Infinity Believes in Independent Bookstores

Where do books come from?

Author Profile- Len Renier

Authors- Develop Confidence on Television

A little more about audio books...

Authors- Preparing for your first TV Interview

Infinity's Top Selling Authors- January 2011

Banish Your Book’s Website Blunders

The Value of a Professional Author Headshot - Priceless

Book Publishing - Why Market Your Book?

Editorial Pet Peeves - and how to avoid them in your book

The App Trap: What are They and Why should Authors Care?

Book Reviews vs. Critiques: Consider the Source

Should your Book have an Index?

Book Publishing: Why Make it Great?

Books to Help You to Promote Your Book

Speak Up, Author! I Can’t Hear Youuuuuu

Blog Writing for Authors 101

Authors- beware of costly radio deals and marketing services

Self Publishing - Power and Responsibility

Author Horoscopes: Reach for the Stars!

Too Much Creativity Can Mangle Your Book

Publishing- A Young Writer's Understanding

Buzzing about Books: Twain Meets Orwell

Shareable eBooks for B&N NOOK and Amazon Kindle eReaders

Writer’s Digest: 9 Must-Follow Manuscript Rules

New Frontiers In Book Publishing

New Year … New Beginnings … New Authors … New Predictions!

Publisher’s Weekly: Self-Publishing Comes of Age

Writer Idea: Consult your Muse and Coin the 2012 “Word of the Year”

Sell the Book & Don't Forget The Reader

Guest Blog: Eco-Libris' Green Books Campaign

Book Publishing- The Importance of a Web Site

What is BISAC? How about DRM? 7 Tips for Author Awareness

Infinity Author interviewed on Internet TV!

Infinity Novel Nominated for Prestigious 2011 YALSA!

Top Holiday Gifts for Writers

Audio Book Publishing - The Author as Reader

The 5 Step Writing Process

Proofing your Proof Book

The First Successful Commercial Publishers Were Book Vendors

Enhance Your Book with a CD Inside

Book Publishing: Attack of the Machine

Top Ten Writing Quotes

Design time- Is your book cover worth a thousand words?

Read a Book! Write a Review! Thank the Author!

Top 5 Reasons to Write a Marketing Blog

Audio Books - The Art of Editing

Turkey Day – Thanksgiving Day – What’s in a Name?

Pleasing color??? Matching color?? There's a big difference in the perception of colors!!!

Assignment of Your Book Rights

Book Publishing: Fact checking and the Internet

Publish Your Collection of Short Stories

Giving Thanks for Family, Friends, and Janis Joplin

Don’t Miss an Opportunity to Connect with Readers

Writers - Test Your Vocabulary Skills!

Self Publishing: My How We've Grown!

Understanding Online Bookstores and Virtual Inventories

What I Really Meant to Say...

Just the Facts - and Lots of Added Twists and Turns

Author Profile—Curtis Seltzer, How to be a DIRT-SMART Buyer of Country Property

Rewriting a Book: 3 Ways to Tighten Up That Text

Don't Be A "Fair Weather" Author

WWYC = Write When You Can – Will Texting Change the World?

Co-Authoring: Top 6 Traps or Trampolines

Author Profile- Dr. Sherry Showalter, "Healing Heartaches, Stories of Loss and Life"

Audio Books: Audio On Your Computer For Beginners

Monday, November 1 – National Authors’ Day!

Publishing Industry Promotes "Green" Efforts

5 Things to Think About Before Publishing Your Book

November is National Novel Writing Month!

Abridgement: The Benefits for Authors

The DIY Era Applies to Books too

Finding the Right Book Editor

Top 5 Reasons to Write a Book

Abridgement: What It Can Mean for Your Book

Promote Your Book at Your Next Reunion!

Market Your Book Like it’s Prime Property!

Enjoy a Book Vacation - For Fun and Profit and Feedback

All About You, Your Book, and the Economy

Promote Your Published Book Online Through PRWeb

A Brief History of Audio Books

Authors: How Do You Measure the Success of Your Book?

Book Marketing Conferences Help You Think Ahead

Introverted Writers Breakout with Self-Promotions

Newsletters Every Published Author Should Subscribe To

Audio Books – What Makes a Man Smile

What is an Author Advocate? Your Best Friend in Publishing

Writers & Authors - Learn from the Best!

Best Ways for Authors to “Expose” Their Books

The Benefits of a Bad Book Review

Do You Really Need a Pen Name?

How to Increase the Value of Your Book

Best Ways to Handle Constructive Criticism

How to Polish Your Book's Promotional Words

Your Favorite Audio Book – Your Own

Social Networking Promotes Authors

Authors and Responsible Writing: Just the Facts Ma’am!

Times Herald reviews Infinity’s S.A. Williams’ “Anna’s Secret Legacy”

Writers’ Groups: A Gaggle of Authors Crowing or Growing

The Best (and Worst) Places to Sell Your Book

What Makes an Audio Book Great - The Secret Weapon

The Ups and Downs of E-book Publishing

Top 10 Ways to Battle Writer’s Block

Frequently "Miss Used" Book Publishing Terms

Audio Book Publishing: How Self Publishing Drives the Industry

Ebooks vs. Print Book: Don’t Sell Yourself Short!

Knoxville News reviews G.S. Needham’s self published “Double Whammy”

7 Great Take-a-ways from Authors’ Conferences: the long lasting benefits!

Self-publishing Success Story: C.D. Payne’s “Youth in Revolt”

Editing Your Self-Published Book: What to Do and How to Think

Save the world: Go Green with Self-publishing!

Self-Published Authors Still Relegated to the Back of the Publishing Bus

Top 5 Ways to Connect with Writers & Authors

Spread the word! Send your self-published book to a reviewer

The Audio Book Fan Club

Dark Ages Peril Threatens Enlightened Internet: Authors with Book-Dedicated Websites at Risk

Fraternizing with the Enemy to Sell Books: Self Publishing Authors Unite!

Advice From A Young, Soon To Be Self-Published, Writer

Authors’ Conferences are about Authors Selling Books

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