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7 Tips on How to Be a More Effective Author With Social Sharing Groups

Posted by Arthur Gutch on Tue, Jan 19, 2016 @ 05:24 PM

Do you belong to social media sharing groups? If you're running your own PR and book marketing campaign it may seem like you're out there on your own fighting to gain a stake in the game. The flip-side is that you feel like you're competing with the countless others trying to market their books to the masses. The reality is that most authors who self-publish are always investigating resourceful ways to make the biggest impact. Social media sharing groups are a time-saving resource that can make a big impact in little time. Author_social_media_infinity_publishing

Writers need support, a forum to self-promote, test ideas and give feedback. Here's how to join social sharing groups and make them work for you. 

Tips for when you join a new group: 

  • Remember to change your notification settings so you're updated on important group information.

  • Before you join, be sure to read the group member fine-print so you'll know ahead of time if you can comply with rules or prioritize time to participate. It sounds exciting to join a new group, but be sure you know what you're getting into. 

  • Once you are a member and have been for a month, go back to track progress. Be sure other group members are putting in their time and that you are advancing your book marketing goals by remaining in the group. 

  • Diversify the groups you belong to. All offer a different marketing angle from sharing links about your book, to sharing contacts to giveaways and more. Join several, then compare results after a month to match groups to your goals. 

  • Look at the size of a group, bigger membership is not always better. It can always be a good thing to simply ask, "what are your metrics for your group, how do your members track marketing goal results?" You may have to acquire this info by looking at how the group works on your own, but never hurts to ask before joining. 

  • If you have a Facebook page solely dedicated to your book, consider making an author page. In groups, others like to connect with a person. You can even use your personal page for interacting. 

  • While you'll want to join groups with other authors, consider who your target market is or the industry your book is specific to. Is your book full of DIY tips or about construction? Seek out social media groups where your book could enhance tools for their audience. If your book is fiction, seek out groups that fulfill your audience "crime story fans" or "children's book specialists". 

A few author promotion social media sharing groups to get you started: 

1. Authors promoting authors:

2. Go Indie:

3. Author Meeting Place:

4. The Careful Cents Club: 


Keep the Faith and May the Force Be With You!


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