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5 Tips to Activate Your Book Back Matter

Posted by Arthur Gutch on Thu, Feb 16, 2017 @ 11:45 AM

Once you've typed The End in your manuscript, it's not the end of the book. It's just time to switch hats from author to book marketing guru The back of your book is the most valuable real estate you own, when it comes to selling more books in your series or other work you've done. If a reader's gotten all the way to the end of your book, she obviously likes what you do. Take advantage of that admiration and hook ask her for a favor while she's there. The right back matter in your book can mean significant increases in your book sales, all across your catalog. You should at least be including these five things at the back of every book. Back_matter_really_matters_self_publishing.jpg.png

 1. Crucial Review Requests

Readers rely on reviews more than you can imagine. Ask for a review right away so it's the first thing your reader sees after the end of the story. Include a clickable link in your eBook to make reviewing even easier.

2. Your Mailing List Offer

If you don't already have a short story or exclusive sample online in exchange for email addresses, do one right away. Your mailing list is your fan base; they're the readers most likely to immediately buy your next book. Always include a description of your exclusive free material and a way for readers to easily get it in exchange for their email addresses.

3. A Short Author Bio

100 years ago, authors were considered lofty intellectuals, set apart from the reading public. Not today! Today's reader wants to get to know their favorite authors as someone they'd enjoy having a cup of coffee with -- or at least someone they could ask questions about the book they're reading. The more readers consider you one of their own, the more likely they are to buy your next books. Add two or three short paragraphs to give your fans an idea of who you are.

4. Your Back Catalog

Now that you've got your readers ready to buy your next books, give them a chance to pick up the ones they've missed. Provide a list of your back catalog, including clickable links to make it easier for fans to buy right away while they're in the mood.

5. A Teaser Chapter

What about that next book? Get the adrenaline pumping and the excitement flowing by giving readers a sneak peak into your next story. Put the first chapter, the first 1,000 words or a chosen exciting scene at the end of your back matter. End with the title, a picture of the proposed cover, and the expected publication date.

Keep the Faith and may the Force be with You!

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