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5 Tips for Having it All: Writing With a Full-Time Job

Posted by Arthur Gutch on Wed, Jan 25, 2017 @ 11:44 AM

Almost every successful author started out fitting their writing time into their lives wherever they could. Unless you're one of the rare authors whose book is a breakout hit, you're probably not quitting the day job yet. Creating an author career while working full-time is a tough job, but millions have done it before you. It's all a matter of maximizing the time that you do have. Take a hard look at your priorities and follow these five tips for finishing your book while working full-time. full_time_work_author_writer_infinity_publishing.png

Make Writing a Priority

How many television shows do you watch each week? Reruns? YouTube videos? How much time do you spend on social media, just having fun? If you really want to be a self-published author, writing has to be more important than spending time on brain candy. You don't have to give up TV completely, but cut back to a couple of favorite shows and use the rest of the time for writing.

Take Advantage of Small Moments

Let's face it: if you've got a job and a family, small moments may be all you have right now. But these tiny bits of time can add up to real progress, as long as you don't waste them. The key is to see each opportunity and grab it as soon as you can. Sitting in a doctor's office, commuting on a train and waking up 15 minutes early can all give you small chunks of time during the day. Train yourself to write during every one of these small bits of time, even if it's only for ten minutes. Do enough of them during the day and you'll end up with thousands of words written each day.

Always Carry Supplies

How do you write best? Paper and pen? On a tablet and keyboard setup? Maybe dictating into your phone? Whatever works for you, make sure it's on your person every time you leave the house. If you're stuck waiting half an hour for kids to get out of school, you'll have the perfect opportunity to add hundreds of words to your book. Be prepared to write, no matter where you are.

Think Like an Author

Train your mind to observe everything and file it all away to use in your future work.

Do What You Can, If Not Your Best

Some days, your best just isn't in you. As long as you persevere and do something each day, the words will add up to significant progress each week.

Keep the Faith and may the Force be with You!

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