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5 Attributes That separate Top Indie Authors From The Pack

Posted by Arthur Gutch on Tue, Feb 03, 2015 @ 05:43 PM

Successful indie authors have traits that set them apart from others. With the ease of self publishing today, anyone can be an author, but that doesn't mean those people will see any kind of real success. To get to the next level and actually make even part of a living in indie publishing, authors should assess what they bring to the table and see if they have the following ingredients:Author_Wolf_Pack

1. The Ability to Identify New Markets

According to IndieReader, book marketing isn't just about writing something and telling everyone about it. There's a need to focus on previously undiscovered markets, where authors and readers can come together. While an indie author may have a particular genre or two  in which he or she writes, there are many self published authors who are versatile and will write in a number of different genres. These authors seek out markets that are underserved, write for those markets, and then focus on book promotion within groups looking for that type of story.

2. The Ability to Publish Often

Russell Blake, an indie thriller writer, also has an opinion on what separates successful indie authors from those who don't seem to get anywhere in their careers. Writers write, and authors publish. many put out an ebook, a print book, or an audio book at least once every couple of months. Some are publishing a book every month. That becomes hard to ignore, and makes it much easier for a reader to find and buy works by that author.

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3. The Ability to Operate a Business

Blake also points out that serious indie publishing authors don't write for a hobby. They run their business like a business, rather than just do it when they feel comfortable or when it's convenient. They have production schedules, and they write even if they don't feel well or "can't get into it" that day.

4. The Ability to Believe in Themselves

Successful indie author Kristen James shares some of her secrets to success, and one of the biggest is that she realizes the value of her work and what she offers to readers. While book promotion and author marketing are important, so are the author's feelings about what he or she is writing. If the author doesn't believe in the work, how is the reader supposed to?

5. The Ability to Persevere

It's not that complicated to write and publish something, but what if no one buys it? That can happen, but it doesn't mean the writing (or the writer) isn't any good. The particular book idea might not have been that marketable, or might not have reached the right people. Successful indie authors acknowledge that, but then they dust themselves off and get started on something else. In other words, they just don't give up.

Keep the Faith and May the Force be with You!




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