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4 Tips to Engage Readers With Your Author Contact Page

Posted by Arthur Gutch on Thu, Dec 22, 2016 @ 02:09 PM

Beginning to wonder why people aren't emailing or writing yet to interview you or feature your book? Have you looked at the approach you're taking on your CONTACT ME page? If you're just listing "the facts", it might be time for a new approach! Because it's all about semantics- create a page with wording that attracts public relations so you. author_contact.jpg

What should your CONTACT ME page scontain:

1. Give people options, but not too many that it overwhelms and you have trouble keeping track of information.

With all of the social media available, offer people a choice of the best ways you'd like them to connect. The other advantage of offering your various social media links is another opportunity to showcase your writing and book. Be sure to include your updated links. Another option is the short form. Most website platforms offer auto-generated forms that allow you to capture information that easily emails to you once the sender fills out the form. Regardless of what else you include, be sure to include your email. 

2. The CONTACT ME page info

  • Make the page stand out. Instead of saying CONTACT ME, how about CONNECT WITH ME, WRITE TO ME, WORK WITH ME
  • If you can, keep your top headings minimal so the contact page will stand out, consider using all caps
  • Let's reframe. Instead of simply saying, "I am available for x, y or z", tell people exactly what to do. "interview me for the new book" "let's do a guest post" "invite me to speak". 
  • If you offer promo books, this is a great place to entice for reviews- "request a book copy for review" should appear here.  

3. Track it

Look at your stats before and after making the change. You can test your new contact info setup by giving yourself 3 months to track to visitors. Watch your stats to see if people are coming in through different social media channels or your new CONTACT ME page seems to be the main hub. If it's increasing, chances are, you're telling people what they want to hear, but if not, consider changing your wording again to get the results you're after. 

4. Testimonials or story excerpts at the end of the CONTACT ME page

While you may have a dedicated page for this, it never hurts to include one or two very short testimonials that reflect the positive experiences others had when interacting with you- one or two line excerpts from a larger testimonial will do. Something that speaks to your personality, how great your book is of course and how easy you are to work with. If you have been interviewed, especially by a brand your audience will easily recognize this, make this accessible: "see the unexpected question Vogue asked in my interview."

While you're re-doing your page, be sure you're not making these mistakes elsewhere on your site and use our checklist before going live again!


Keep the Faith and may the Force be with You!




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