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4 New Game-Changing Book Marketing Tools

Posted by Arthur Gutch on Thu, Jul 28, 2016 @ 10:00 AM

Most experts say that the best marketing task you can do is to write your next book. Unfortunately, authors today have to divide their time up between writing, marketing, website design, and many other tasks designed to get their books published and into readers' hands. The best book marketing plans reach a lot of readers but don't take a lot of time. These book four marketing tools do just that. book_marketing_tools_infinity_publishing.png


Giving away ARCs (advanced reader copies) of your books is the best way to get those treasured reviews. Unfortunately, many readers have a hard time transferring your books into their e-reader devices. You can end up with dozens of emails a day, asking for tech help that you just don't have. With BookFunnel, you upload your books and receive a link to your available work. BookFunnel will talk your readers through uploading onto any device. Plans start at $20 a year.

Facebook Image Text Check

While Facebook ads are hyper-effective, they can be a pain to get into place. Once you've finally narrowed down your audience, you need to produce an ad that works while being acceptable to Facebook's odd rules. They only allow text onto a certain percentage of the picture, and they measure it in a very counter-intuitive way. Use the Facebook Image Text Check tool to find out right away if your ad fits into Facebook's perimeters. You'll save hours or days in review time.


Engaging in social media multiple times a day is the key to building your brand and selling more books. Unfortunately, taking time out of your writing schedule four or five times a day does nothing for your concentration. Hootsuite allows you to upload multiple posts and schedule them to be posted later. It's usable on multiple social media platforms, and you can choose your level of engagement. The smallest level is free, and paid accounts run $9.99 a month on up.


Instagram is the cutting edge of social media, and if your audience skews younger, it's the perfect place to pick up thousands of new fans. It's mobile-only, which used to mean having to post from your phone or tablet. But now there's Grum. Grum allows you to upload pictures from your computer and schedule them to post at a later date and time, allowing you to create an entire Instagram marketing program. Grum usually sells for $9.95 a month, but if you buy it through AppSumo you can get lifetime access for $25.

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