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3 Top Social Media Scheduling Tools for Authors

Posted by Arthur Gutch on Tue, Nov 17, 2015 @ 02:30 PM

Automate your book in the indie publishing world to stay noticed 

Is your book's blog tour about to be over and you've been considering how you will continue to capture your target's eye through author marketing? Springing for public relations in the self publishing world can be quite pricey, but it may be easier than you think to stay on everyone's mind. Choose our top tested automated social media tools and make it look like you have a professional public relations firm standing behind you all the way.  social_media_tools_authors

Our top tested social media automating tools for book marketing 

1. Hootsuite. Most social media managers can agree that Hootsuite takes the social media cake for being one of the most organized, all-in-one place for hosting your automated campaigns. If you just want to test it out, they offer a free version, but the enhanced analytics make it almost too easy to track all of your social media conversations. While the point of automation is to save time, you still obviously want it to appear as if you are authentically interacting- you can set up alerts that allow you to interact with conversations across all of your social media platforms. Test this out as the tool to keep all of your platforms in one place. Check out these best-selling authors who stay successfully connected to their audiences via Hootsuite

2. Tweetdeck. All of those hashtags you're blasting out there: #indiepublishing, #ebook, #audiobook... How do you know if they lead back to your book? If you're using hashtags frequently, use Tweetdeck to track your insights. With an emphasis on the "what matters" feature you can easily track if the hashtags you use in your scheduled tweets are generating "motivate to purchase" clicks back to your ebook or audio book. 

3. Tailwind. Often an underestimated platform, Tailwind is a Pinterest tracker with a very cool feature- it tracks your competition. You can set up your Tailwind account to schedule media posts that knock out the competition that might not be taking advantage of scheduling tools already. Tailwind will also report which pins are performing the best, if additional pins are being created from your pins and which pins are being converted to sales. 

Check out all of the free trials before committing to any one platform. Watch to see how well each one tracks for you- depending on your book's genre, one scheduling platform may serve you better than others. Now that you've got your social media campaigns scheduled, you can start blogging more and interacting with your audience authentically to sell more books! Let us know which platforms work best to drive sales for you. While you are at it check out these three major book marketing sites we have mentioned before!

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