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3 Tips on Writing about Your Life or a Biography of Interest!

Posted by Arthur Gutch on Fri, Dec 30, 2016 @ 08:40 AM

Love reading the juicy details about another person's life? Love to know about their trials and tribulations, their personal journey? The new year is a great time to think about your life and research shows that storytelling is back in fashion and people at home want to read what their peers are saying. If you've wanted to self-publish your story or someone else's, here are the current tips on what people want to hear. Whether it's to reconcile your past, leave your mark or even simply make money, check out our tips on getting into storytelling mode. writing_a_biography_infinity_publishing.jpg

1. Communicate your story through universal truths. Stories are personal recounts of experiences. They become invaluable, non-fictitious pieces of history. The autobiography, memoir or biography is a chance to share universal truths and experiences. It's a way to communicate in a way that is relatable. Writing forces us to do what? To think! Many authors report that their autobiographies revealed things about them they hadn't even considered when initially beginning their projects, yet once the process got going, the details of their lives came out in unexpected ways. 

2. Are you linking your personal story to your expert area or career and hope to position your book to make money? Consider PR now. Anyone can write a book about a topic whether they've experienced it or not, but those are simply the facts. A compelling story that reflects the experience of an expert area- why do you think so many CEOs end up with bestselling autobiographies- people love stories of triumph and success. If you plan to write in your expert area, consult with a PR individual to organize the structure of your book so you can position it for sales and marketing to the target market you anticipate wanting to reach. 

3. Flattery may get you the story. Want to tell stories, just not your own? Look for expert areas you are especially interested in or think of motivational books you were inspired by. If you find someone you are interested in showcasing, contact them! You can always pitch someone on why you think the world needs to hear their story and why you are the perfect person to share it for them! If you have interviews published, be sure to send the person you plan to pitch your best one(s). 

In closing your book (or someone else's), you may want to share your experience writing this book. Disclosing if it was life-changing, transformative or therapeutic not only makes your story more authentic and compelling, but also encourages others to share theirs and interact with your book too. 

Did you know that our very own Infinity authors have published their stories? Michael Kleiner, author of Beyond the Cold was interviewed about his personal story chronicalling his year in Norway with his family. Check out Rick Mussey, another Infinity author telling his story to the world. 

Keep the Faith and May the Force be with You!



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