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3 Steps to Creating Author Story Slams with Loyal "Brand Ambassadors"

Posted by Arthur Gutch on Tue, Mar 29, 2016 @ 10:38 AM

Have you been to a story slam? They're high-energy, the story-tellers are vivacious and the audience has a chance to really get a feel for an experience. If you're an audiobook author, have you considered putting your most loyal fans to work by hosting multi-city book readings "story-slam" style? Harness these tips to get organized & build a new tool to get your book selling across the country.  cat_ambassador_old_man

1. People will help you for "free" 

If you are a new self-published author, this may take a social media campaign or two to attract people- no problem. Remember the complimentary books you decided to set aside for PR- now's your chance to get them out there. If your funds are low, you can even create a digital media kit to include your book cover, a short bio and excerpts from your book to send to potential ambassadors. 

  • Why people will help you for free: You are not the only one building your audience- actors, narrators, singers and public speakers all getting started need exposure and experience. They need to "perform" and record their experiences for their own portfolio and what better way than by helping expose your new audio book? 

2. Acquiring your "brand ambassadors"

  • Choose five large cities or cities that fit your target audience
  • Next make a list of actor's guilds, performer's associations, Toast Masters & public speaking organizations and performance arts associations
  • Send your media kit to proposed ambassadors, follow-up and secure ambassadors

3. Set up shared expectations

  • First, let your ambassadors know you want to help them meet their goals by accentuating both of yours together
  • You may be depending on your "ambassador" to set up the actual location. Be sure they will have someone to record both the audio and visual reading of your book. Always best to ask two people- ask the videographer to record not only the reader, but pan to the engaged audience
  • Develop a social media strategy to invite and cover the event
  • Allow the audiences to buy your audio book on demand. Require your ambassador to keep an ipdad on hand with a display to click & buy your audio book on site. You may consider developing a select discount code for these audiences to encourage buying.

4. Use your recordings to share on social media and your blogs to further your public relations presence. Consider including a section on your website to feature this content as well- you may encourage additional brand ambassadors and sharing!

5. Evaluate your book marketing campaign. This is also a great way to perform research for your next book if you are considering hiring or working with a narrator. Because it can be so time-consuming to interview and then evaluate casting calls for narrators, this is a great way to kill two birds with one stone. 


Keep the Faith and May the Force be with You!


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