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3 New Social Scheduling & Tracking Tools for Authors

Posted by Arthur Gutch on Fri, Apr 01, 2016 @ 03:59 PM

While there's only one of you, if you're like most authors, you're doing the job of three. Scheduling editing time, social media time and any other income-based work can be a tricky juggle. Your goal is   successfully accomplishing all of the above, not writer burnout! Test drive the latest social media scheduling tools to max your exposure and time without the stress! tracker_monitor_infinity_publishing

Tighten up your social media game

1. Keyhole:

You no doubt put a lot of time into your book marketing and social media campaigns, but have you introduced a metrics system to track your return on investment time and effort wise? Keyhole is a real-time social media tracker that offers quick, yet thorough results. You can track particular campaigns, how your "decks" are tracking, how a Google Hangout is performing in the background, see if your tweets are being exposed via other social media platforms. Keyhole brings it together with reports. 

  • Top features:
    • take advantage of "influencer view"- this determines who engages with your media the most and shows how they're sharing it. 
    • use "contextual view"- if you're choosing a segment to pull out & approach to help represent your book more, this allows you to see exactly what others are saying without having to dig. 

2. Tagboard:

As an author we may think we're choosing industry-specific hashtags to bring attention to our work- sometimes those tags end up being too specific or too vague making your ability to track user engagement null and void. Tagboard solves this issue. Before putting a new social sharing campaign into action, you can perform industry-specific research with Tagboard to discover the most shared tags on the net addressing your brand. 

  • Build campaigns around most used hashtags in a way that doesn't oversaturate the message
  • Track your message with custom analytics 
    • if you host an online audio book reading you can see who engaged 
    • Look at whether or not your hashtag user rate is multiplying and across what audiences- help identify if who you think your target market actually is or not. 

3. Social Media Examiner

Social Media Examiner researches how users engage across all social media platforms & dissects this information in a quick, concise presentation to offer you an action plan. This tool is the eyes and ears of social media tracking right now- consider it a vetting tool- this service lets you know where you want to spend the most time social-media wise and introduces you to new platforms. Social Media Examiner combs the net to analyze which new platforms will cross-generate attention for you. For example- have you heard of Facebook Instant Articles? If you said no, you're not alone. Due to launch this coming April, Facebook Instant Articles is a new platform to cross-generate content you may not have heard about if you weren't already using this research tank's tools. 

Ready to track your next social media author campaign? Let us know what works for you! 


Keep the Faith and May the Force be with You!


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