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3 Ways Authors Gain from Getting Back to Nature

Posted by Arthur Gutch on Tue, Nov 25, 2014 @ 04:46 PM

Ten years ago a walk in the woods with our family dog dramatically changed my life. The ten years prior to my dog-walk awakening had been mired in what you might call...non-movement related activies. Too many hours focused on the computer screen writing or late nights working without pause had put me into a state of utter staleness. Getting back to nature was a way to reconnect my mind and body, but it also shed some light on a more intriguing concept, that maybe there was a benefit to simply "being in nature".

Author_DogFor those of you that suffer from chronic non-movement syndrome (CNMS) or lack of nature there is a cure...move more in your nearest natural setting, whether it be a park, a backyard, cornfield or if your lucky a nearby natural forest. Once you start the process of re-balancing by investing time in natural surroundings you may wonder why it took you so long to get to this place of renewal! An author who has taken a pen to this subject is Richard Louv in "The Nature Principle" published in 2011. In his book the author touts the restorative powers of the natural world. He discusses the need for more balance and the mind/body/nature connection also called vitamin N. He takes a deep dive into the use of technology and natural experience to increase intellligence, creative thinking and productivity - the hybrid mind.

nature-principle-cover-lrgWhy is this important to you as an author

As an author you need to use your mind to develop wonderfully unique ideas, stories and solutions to problems so it seems reasonable that if nature could provide some additional energy to get the juices flowing then so be it. It may be that you can re-fuel a nascent primal power that is activated by touching tree bark, holding dirt in your hands or by simply taking in the sky and the natural surroundings, allowing you to access a new reservoir of health, well being and enhanced writing!

How can a writer or self published author leverage nature!

1. Remove yourself from technology. Re-balancing away from technology and getting a daily dose of nature can help to counteract the ill-effects of technology. We are surrounded by and being bombarded with apps, web pages, e-mail, texts, vociemail and other bits and bytes of information that is according to many having both a positive and negative effect on our minds and body. Don't get me wrong, technology is great but there is growing evidence that indicates some serious side-effects of technology overuse.

 2. Try some physical activity in nature. My walk with the dog every day lasted almost 10 years until I decided running might be better. Now its running five miles, four times a week on the trails. Trail running is amazing! You don't need to run, you can walk and also achieve results. The point is that being physical in nature is a very natural event for humans, or at least it used to be when eating required it. Do a workout in nature and according to many experts reap more rewards than if inside. Exercise adds oxygen to your system, which fuels your brain for better writing. Do some simple exercises in the woods or backyard or park and get the maximum impact.

3. Give yourself a regular mental shot in the arm.Once you start spending more time in nature, as crazy as it may sound you begin to look at things a little differently. If you are already spending time in nature the effects may not be as pronounced. It's only after you consistently invest the time in the natural expereince that you begin to see things new and differently.

To wrap this up it is the opinion if this writer that there is something to "being in Nature" and in the age of the machines that we love there is certainly room for another outlet to fuel or passion and energy for getting the word out!

Keep the Faith and May the Force be with You!

P.S. Her name is Olive and she is a 9 year old Greater Swiss Mountain Dog..a true friend all 115 lbs of her!


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