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Interview: Lee Lamond, Author Shadow on the Sand

Posted by Arthur Gutch on Mar 23, 2016 2:37:00 PM

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Lee Lamond’s books take the reader on international adventures full of suspense driven by the evil that exists in too many of us. His main characters are successful people that find the expected direction of their lives radically changed by people they might not even know. How his characters survive or perish by what fate has provided leads the reader on a gripping ride.

Shadow on the Sand

This is the first in the Bryan Reed series. Bryan is a successful fashion photographer who leads a jet set life. In London he reestablishes a relationship with a former girlfriend, Margaret Ridgeway, who is currently a professor of anthropology. Through a mutual friend the couple gets invited to visit Mauritania. An accidental photograph leads to the discovery of a WWII Nazi relic. It holds a secret that leads to an upheaval in world energy markets and places Bryan and others on a mission for survival and maybe revenge.

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