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Taking the Plunge: Giving a TV Interview

Posted by Infnity Author Marketing BLOG on Thu, Sep 01, 2011 @ 07:31 PM

By: Susan Rich Sheridan

Books: Saving Literacy  and  Handmade Marks

Marketting subject: Interview with a local tv station

Image courtesy of Nadia MeslemAmherst Media (ACTV) in Amherst, MA contacted me about giving an interview about my work with scribbling, drawing and writing.

I accepted this invitation, prepared, and was able to give an interview which I hope will prove useful.

My interviewer, a mother, had reached me via my website. Finding an interviewer who is interested in your work is important to your

being able to fully get your ideas across. I was lucky that my interviewer found me. This interview is now on and also on YouTube. I have posted the interview on my fb location. Videos are the way to get information across at this point in media history. I am hoping that this way of spotlighting the importance of mark-making to the natural unfolding of the brain/body system will be effective. I also hope that my "plugging" other authors' work on the importance of hearing and sound gets out there.

My books are barely selling even though they are listed with amazon and Barnes and Noble. I am hoping that this video interview will boost sales, for the sake of children's linguistic development in the context of healthy, informed early development.


Image courtesy of Nadia Meslem.

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