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My Year of Reflection

Posted by Infnity Author Marketing BLOG on Fri, Jan 21, 2011 @ 07:00 PM

Author Name: Cynthia W. Post

Book titles: Meet Carrie Flower: Carrie Flower Goes To Camp: Carrie Flower Goes To The Hospital: Carrie Flower's Book for Brighter Days

Marketing Subject:    A year of success                    



My first year in the world was brilliant. I met so many wonderful people

Here are some of my favorite memories over the past year. 

We engaged Taluva marketing consultants and developed a strategy to launch Carrie Flower in Philadelphia, at The Please Touch Museum. Carrie Flower was introduced to the world on October 17, 2010. Our team donated 40 "Get Well Bouquets" to the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia due to the tremendous success of the event. 

Another great accomplishment during the year was publishing three Carrie Flower books with the valuable assistance of our publisher, Infinity Publishing. By the year's end our relationship with Infinity had developed into a beneficial partnership. 

Our book was completed and we created a doll, based on the book's main character, Carrie Flower.  We combined three books and a doll together and refer to the package as "A Bouquet for Brighter Days".  An Amish mom and daughter manufactured our first dolls.  Currently we have secured the services of two crafts people from Northeastern PA, Jackey Triplet and Yvonne Hargraves. When one bouquet is purchased that generates the gift of an additional doll and a book to a child that is facing illness. 

We didn't miss a beat when we hired Mamma Mac to create and sing a theme song for Carrie Flower.   Special events were held at Ali's Wagon, Head House Books and our grand finale was held at Kevin's Bar and Restaurant.

I look forward to sprouting throughout the world and hope I can count on your continued help and support during the coming year.

Spreading warm sunshine rays to everyone.


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